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26 Doing Things The Nagasawa Way!

 Chiho opened the door to the principal's office and walked in with Misaki trailing behind her. Sitting behind an old mahogany desk was an older man in his upper sixties. He looked over at the two girls who walked in and raised an eyebrow as his gaze fell on to Misaki. He then turned his gaze to Chiho and slightly frowned but quickly turned it into a smile as he asked: "What can I do for the two of you?"

"Principal Watari, I want you to transfer me into Misaki's class." Chiho did not beat around the bush and flatly stated what she had come here for. She did not miss the quick frown that he had given her earlier. She already knew the principal disliked her because of her family. But these things she did not care about. She just wanted her best friend to be safe.

"Nagasawa, don't you think your request is a little out of place. The school year has long started. How can I authorize a transfer right now? I'm sorry I can't do it." Principal Watari did not care for Chiho. Even if the request was something as simple as allowing a student to transfer into another class he would not do it just because it was Chiho!

Chiho, on the other hand, had figured this would happen like this because she knew Principal Watari's thoughts on her and her family. But that did not mean that Chiho would back down so easily. She pulled out her mobile phone and dialed a number right in front of Principal Watari. This action was a blatant show of disrespect in his eyes. "Nagasawa what do you think you are doing using a mobile phone right in front of me."

"Hello, Jiji? Yeah, I am being bullied by my school's principal!" Chiho started to fake sob as she started to explain the situation to Grandpa Nagasawa.

"What? Someone dares bully my granddaughter!? Tetsu, get the car ready! We are going to have a little visit to chibi's school." Grandpa Nagasawa's voice could be heard clearly over the phone as he screamed and yelled about twisting this off, crushing that, and many other vulgarities.

Hearing the old man was set on coming to "visit" caused Principal Watari to pale. He might dislike the Nagasawa's but he was still scared of Grandpa Nagasawa! He quickly changed his attitude as he cleared his throat saying: "Ahaha I was just joking with you, Nagasawa. There is no need to bring your grandfather here. You just want to change classes, right? That is a simple task, here, take these memos to your homeroom teacher and Kido Sensei. This will take care of your transfer."

"Ahhh! Jiji, they just personally bowed and apologized to me. There is no need for you to come anymore. Everything is settled now." Chiho who was fake crying explained to Grandpa Nagasawa with a big smile on her face.

"Huh? All set? Alright then. Chibi if anyone dares bully you or my little disciple you let this old man know. I will definitely show up to crush their balls!" The little disciple he was talking about was none other than Misaki.

After hanging up with Grandpa Nagasawa, Chiho gave principal Watari a bright smile as she said: "We have troubled Principal Watari and thank you for your understanding. We will be taking our leave then. " After leaving these words Chiho grabbed the dazed Misaki as she walked out of the principal's office with a sense of pride as if she had just won a grand battle!

Misaki felt like everything that had just happened was like a whirlwind. They just went from being rejected to the principal apologizing out of nowhere and agreeing to their request. "So umm... Chiho, this means that you will be in my class now?" Still somewhat confused about the happenings going on around her, Misaki could not help but ask this question.

"Yep! I get to be in your class now. I will kick whoever sits next to you out of their seat so I can sit next to you instead." Chiho said as she gave a "Muwahahaha" style laugh at the end with her hands on her hips and her nose raised to the sky, as she laughed.

After straightening things out between the homeroom teachers Chiho was now standing in front of her new class. No one dared look at her. They were all afraid of the ruffians that brought her to and fro from school. Chiho was used to such scenes so this did not bother her so for her introduction she just said: "I'm here to protect Mitsu from all you people and I will be taking the seat next to her."

Kido Sensei said nothing as she watched Chiho walk over to the desk next to Misaki and gesture with her chin to the girl who was currently sitting there to move. The girl did not hesitate to grab her things and quickly hand over the seat to Chiho. Chiho then sat down and looked at Misaki raised her hand and gave her a "V" for Victory!

Seeing this caused Misaki to laugh. Misaki was very happy with this new arrangement. She only had Chiho as her friend so this worked out well for her. Now she wouldn't have to be worried so much about being surrounded by students who want her autograph all the time.

Before class got underway Chiho leaned over to Misaki and said: "Jiji will be stationing a few of our help outside your house in shifts. So you can go home at night without needing to worry about being hassled at home."

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"Chiho you always think of everything. You will make a good wife in the future. It's too bad no one else will know this except for me!" Misaki said jokingly.

"I said it before you keep joking like that and I will hold you to it!" Chiho joked back.

"All joking aside Thank you very much Chiho. You are my life's savior. If there is anything you want from me just ask." Misaki said seriously.

"Mmmm nothing as of now. Since it is not every day I get a free request I can use on the great Misaki I will save it for later!"