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25 The Fan Blocking Chiho

 After signing autographs and taking many two shots. Misaki looked at her teacher Kido Sensei who was standing in front of her with paper, pen, and mobile phone in hand. "Kido Sensei I did not take you for a gamer..."

Kido Sensei blushed. Her normal front is a tough high school teacher who is strict but here she was looking to get an autograph and a two shot with one of her students. But now because of Misaki's comment, she was not sure if she should even ask for the autograph! Seeing Kido Sensei's inner turmoil made Misaki giggle on the inside. "Who am I signing this too?"

"Kido Sensei is fine!" A big smile formed on Kido Sensei's face.

After getting her autograph and two shot Kido Sensei returned back to being like she was before and started class. Misaki, who recently been sleeping at night, decided to use her school days to learn as much as she can on things that will be helpful to her in game. She figured during the first break she would run to the library and see if they have any books on sewing. She really needed to get some new armor made up. She had stored the snake she killed last time and was unsure if it could be used for anything. If she could make a set of armor that was light yet durable she would be happy. Misaki also wanted to get some engineering books so she can start learning the ends and out of creating some basic machines to help speed up the process of crafting things.

Of course, this did not all go according to plan. Misaki could not even get out of her classroom as she was bombarded by students from other classes asking for autographs. "Excuse me! I need to go to the library!" Her words fell on deaf ears as the students who were surrounding her pushed paper and pen into her hand to get their autographs.

"Everyone get out of the way! You might want an autograph but causing the person you are asking an autograph from so much trouble to the point you are blocking her from leaving is not a fan but a bully!" A small figure pushed through the group of students and positioned themself in front of Misaki.

"Chiho!" Misaki looked at Chiho as if her life's savior had just shown up.

Chiho only gave Misaki a nod and a smile before turning back to the group of students."If this ever happens again I will make sure that none of you can make it to school tomorrow..." Chiho's cold gaze sent shivers down the group of students' spines. If there was anyone in this school who could frighten even the toughest kid in school without needing to so much as lift a finger, everyone in school would say that that person was Nagasawa Chiho.

The group of students quickly dispersed with the appearance of Chiho. "Mitsu let's go to the principal's office. I will have him transfer me into your class. I originally did not want to use my family to put pressure on anyone but you need someone one near you to keep these idiots away."

"Chiho, marry me!" Misaki said jokingly as she hugged Chiho.

Chiho rolled her eyes as she said: "You keep joking like that and I will hold you to it when I am of marriageable age!"

The two girls talked and laughed as they walked towards the principal's office. Many students along the way wanted to come forward and ask Misaki for her autograph but with Chiho standing next to her, no one dared to do so. "Chiho how does me soloing two world bosses become this?" Misaki could feel all the eyes on her causing her to feel somewhat uncomfortable.

"To be honest I do not know either. I think one reason is that you were level 2 and killed a level 100 Golem King and another reason is that you showed some insane moves while battling the Treant King. What surprised me was how well you mixed all the martial arts and parkour you learned in one day into something that was truly awe inspiring when it came to fighting! Believe it or not, Mitsu you are almost as popular as some of the biggest movie stars in the country." Chiho explained.

"But I do not want to be popular!" Misaki complained as she stomped her feet. 'All I wanted to do was play a game! How did it turn into this!?'

"Chiho do you think they will let me take my classes in game?" Hearing Misaki's question caused Chiho to roll her eyes again.

"I think only you would be willing to take classes in a game just so you do not have to deal with reality!" Chiho said.

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"Well... fine I will give up on that idea but still if anything it would be kind of cool to do once." Misaki really did think having a class inside a game for a day would be somewhat fun.

"This I can not disagree with. I would not mind seeing it happen once just for a change of pace." Chiho agreed. She would not mind have her classes in a game once just to see what it would be like but as an everyday thing, she did not want that to happen. It would be basically turning her escape from the real world into the real world. Now if it used a different platform altogether she would not mind it as much.

It was not long before the two girls reached the principal's office.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

"Come in..."