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24 Fame Is Not Always A Good Thing!

 Misaki got her things together and headed out the door. On the way to school she kept feeling like people were staring at her the entire time making her feel a bit uncomfortable. As Misaki was walking down the street she heard a small voice coming from behind her. "Umm excuse me..."

Misaki turned around to see a young boy and girl standing behind her. Puzzled as to why they were stopping her Misaki asked: "Can I help you?"

"You are Queen right?" The little boy asked.

Now Misaki knew why they stopped her. She was too preoccupied with getting to school on time that she had forgotten to wear a mask! Sighing Misaki nodded her head and with a smile said: "Yes, that's me."

"Really!? C-Can I get your autograph!?" The little boys face lit up and got overly excited right away.

"Yeah sure." Misaki answered.

"Really!? Yay!" The little boy shouted out. He quickly reached into his book bag and took out a paper and pen and handed it to Misaki. "Can I also take a picture with you? Otherwise, my friends will never believe me!"

Misaki nodded her head again. But as she was taking the picture she noticed more and more kids had shown up of all ages even some were even adults.

"It's Queen!"

"Can I get your autograph!?"

"I want a two shot!"

"Did you really solo both those world bosses by yourself!?"

Question after question, request after request bombarded Misaki left and right. Her head started to spin as she tried to answer all the questions and sign autographs. The crowd of people continued to grow bigger and bigger. It was not known at what time but even a few news reporters had shown up and started asking Misaki questions.

It was not until a bunch of black cars drove up and ruffian looking men pushed their way through the crowd and blocked Misaki did she finally get a little breather. The sight of these men caused the crowd to quiet down. One of these men was very familiar to Misaki. "Young Miss. Our Young Miss figured something like this might happen so she asked us to come pick you up and drive you to school."

"Tetsu!" Misaki was really happy to see Tetsu. She could not thank Chiho enough for planning ahead!

"We will bring you to school now Young Miss. Make way!" Tetsu shouted as he and the rest of the ruffians all surrounded Misaki. They pushed through the crowd guiding Misaki to the nearby car.

Inside the car, Misak let out a long sigh of relief! "Tetsu! You guys are a lifesaver! Where's Chiho?"

"Our Young Miss is already at school. She had cleaning duty this morning." Tetsu answered as he started to drive.

The school was only a minute away from where she was but because she was stopped to give autographs and the like she could have been late if not for Tetsu. At least now she would not be late for school. When she stepped into the school she still had many eyes on her. Misaki, not wanting to get surrounded again rushed to her classroom and sat down at her desk, putting her head down hoping people will leave her be if they think she is sleeping. It was times like this that she wished she was in the same class as Chiho. At least then she could let out all her grievances.

Her peace and quiet did not last long as she felt a tap on her shoulder. Misaki turned her head to see a female classmate that she had no idea what her name was standing next to her desk. "Misaki your Queen right?"

"No, I'm not!" Misaki said before turning her head away and putting it back on to her desk.

The female classmate seemed a bit confused as she said: "But you were giving out autographs outside..." The girl felt wronged as her eyes started to get watery. She was out there as well trying to get an autograph when those men showed up and escorted Misaki away.

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"Alright, alright I am Queen but don't let others know I actually do not like all the attention..." Misaki said. She felt a little bad about lying to the female classmate.

A bright smile appeared on the female classmate's face as she quickly handed over a paper and pen to Misaki. "You name?"

"Tsukino Yuno" The female classmate answered.

"Okay, here you go. Please remember to not tell anyone else." Misaki pleaded.

"Un! I will make sure to keep it a secret. But I do not think it matters much since your name of your character is the same as your normal name and the resemblance between you and your character is too close for it to really not be known. Also, can I get a two shot!?" The female classmate asked as she pulled out her cell phone.

"Yeah, that's fine." Misaki said as she smiled and pulled the girl over. The girl blushed when she found herself in such close proximity to Misaki. It was then that she found that Misaki was actually really pretty! It was the first time she really got a good look at Misaki since Misaki was normally sleeping in class.

After taking the two shot with Misaki, Tsukino Yuno happily skipped to her seat. Only before Misaki could lay her head back down her desk she was surrounded by more of her classmates! Misaki at this point wanted to cry as she quickly signed autograph after autograph. It was only when the teacher came into the classroom that she hoped that she would get a break but what Misaki did not expect was that the damn teacher lined up with the students as well! Misaki decided from now on she would turn into a neet and only come to school when test needed to be taken. Fame was not always a good thing!