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23 Golem King’s Lair Part Two

 After getting as much blood as she could off her clothes Misaki turned around and raised an eyebrow as the smell of blood entered her nose. "I forgot I was fighting something... Good thing it's dead. I should probably not put my attention elsewhere in the middle of a fight..." Misaki was now reflecting on her actions. If that Black Python did not die it could have been her who would have ended up dead and who knows if the dungeon that she was in would kick her out on death for good or not.

"I will need to pay more attention or I can end up dead! But it seems these things will die easily if you stab them in the head. At least this kind of monster anyway. I wonder if this is the case for all living things in this game. If it is wouldn't it be easy to kill anything as long as you stabbed its head? Even if that is true I will have to try not to get blood squirted all over me..." Misaki looked down at her now blood stained clothes and frowned.

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Misaki continued on as the area quickly turned into a cave. To the left of Misaki was the cave wall while to her right was a black abyss. One wrong step could send you to your death. Misaki had a bit of interest as to what might be at the bottom of the black abyss or if it was just a death zone. "After I finish exploring this dungeon fully I will need to risk it all and check the bottom of the abyss. Hopefully, there is no ultimate weapon or whatever it was called from Final Fairy Fantasy 7. That damn thing would never die and always instant kill me. Otherwise, I will need to do a death move out of the dungeon if it does not already do that for you.

"One thing I do wonder is why is this cave so bright or is it just because of these dimly glowing stones in the walls and ceiling? But they do not seem bright enough to make the whole cave bright like this." Misaki took out her katana to dig out one of the stones from the wall. She did not want to dull her Queen's Blade so Misaki started using the katana for anything that required a tool. After prying one of the green dimly glowing stones out of the wall Misaki mumbled: "[Inspect]"

[Green Glowing Stone]


"Was the person who created this game not good with coming up with descriptions for items? Why is it everything, when inspected, has only this little bit of information. It's like going to a store and trying to buy an apple. But the store only has the name of the apple above it and nothing else. No matter where you look you can not find a price and when you ask someone else they ignore you and do not answer your question. If you try to take the apple out of the store since there is no price and no one is helping you, you end up getting arrested for theft." Misaki quietly complained to herself.

'Somewhere in Eternal Games main office, Watase Toshi was having a sneezing fit.'

"Well, at least I can't get arrested if I steal this. I should probably take a few more. There is no telling how deep this cave goes or if I might need them when I climb down into the abyss."

Misaki continued on. She had only run into a few monsters here and there. All the battles ended quickly. She had now been walking for almost a day inside the cave. She had mapped out a huge area already. There were many dead ends and rooms with three or four monsters roaming about. The only time she had any issue was when it came to flying monsters like Vampiric Bats. They came at Misaki in groups and she had almost fallen into the abyss a few times while jumping around trying to kill them. Sadly though the experience amount she was getting from these monsters was little to none.


[Five Minute Auto Logout Warning: Your current play time limit is about to be reached. Please find a safe place to logout.]

Misaki frowned as she looked at the window in front of her. "Hopefully I will be able to continue my trek through this cave system when I log back in or this time limit thing is really unfair. I guess I will log out in the room back there. There were no monsters inside so it should be safe." Misaki went back to a large room with a high ceiling and took out the small hut that she made in the forest and walked inside it before laying down on the bed and logging out.

*Ring!* *Ring!* *Ring!* *Ring!*

Misaki opened her eyes to the sound of bells going off in her ears. This was the first time she had actually logged out just before the timer was up. It seemed the Full Dive helmet had a function that worked as an alarm clock so when you logged out of the game it would wake you up. Misaki pulled the Full Dive helmet off and stretched a bit before rubbing her sleepy eyes and climbing out of bed. "It is a good thing I did get up I will need to head to school soon."

Misaki looked over at the clock on the wall. After giving another stretch Misaki washed her face before making a bite to eat. After eating she brushed her teeth and headed back to her bedroom to get into her school uniform. "If only I could study in game... It would be good to have access to reference materials while in game that are loaded onto the helmet... Kinda like my Bambozon Findle..." Misaki's eye caught the time on the clock as she yelled out: "Crap I am going to be late I should get going. "