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22 Golem King’s Lair Part One

 Misaki made her way back across the grassy plain. She had found a stream on the way out of the forest to wash up since she was covered in dust and dirt from her battle with the Treant King. Eternal Phantasy was a world where everything was real. That included the stink on your body if you did not bathe. Misaki for one hated not feeling clean so she wiped herself down as much as she could without removing her clothes. She did not know who might be watching. So she could only clean her face, arms, and hair.

After a few minutes of travel. Misaki realized her small bath was in vain since she had been running at full speed to make it to the rocky area as quickly as possible. The in game weather was very hot. Sweat was now dripping from Misaki's brow. "Why is it so hot!? I feel so sticky!"

Misaki stopped and wiped her brow as she looked around at her surroundings. "At any rate, I am here at the rocky area again. I need to see if I can find the golems treasure. If it even exists..." Misaki then walked towards the area where she had first seen the Golem King.

The area was covered in broken rocks and plateaus. The whole area was decimated when the Golem King had fallen over. Misaki climbed over large rocks and debris as she made her way around the area. She had originally mapped out the area. At that time she did not find anything strange. She had thought that she saw everything here.

"Is there really nothing here?" Misaki asked herself inwardly. She had been walking around the area for over two in game hours now and had not found anything that she could deem as a treasure.

With her mentality of never giving up until she had covered all the ideas in her head Misaki once again did another loop around the area. This time though she happened to notice a large crack in the side of a plateau that she seemed to have missed the first few times through. This was not the same crack she had used to climb up to get to the top of the plateau before. This one was much larger. Even if Misaki were to stretch out her limbs to the max she would not be able to touch both walls. Misaki wondered how she missed this crack or if it was some kind of time oriented thing.

The more she thought about it the more she leaned towards a time oriented game mechanic. She had already walked around this area many times but never noticed such a large crack. There would be no way she would not have noticed such a thing. She would have also immediately investigated it as well.

Not knowing what dangers might lay ahead Misaki took out her Queen's Blade and headed into the crack.


[Entered Golem King's Lair]

Seeing the notification Misaki now understood this was a dungeon! Misaki was not officially excited. Dungeons meant loot! She just hoped she could get something useful out of this place. Misaki turned around to see the place where she entered only to find that the exit was now gone! "So this place must only open up if you are in the zone for a long time. And if someone enters it the entrance leading into here automatically closes."

Misaki now understood how this place worked and as to why she did not see the entrance until now. Misaki turned back around and continued moving forward into the Golem King's Lair. "The only way out must be at the end of the dungeon or death. " Misaki thought.

She only walked for about five minutes when she encountered her first monster. It was a large black snake that was about double Misaki's size. "[Inspect]"

[Black Python]

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[Level: 60]

"Well, I guess this will be my first fight with something that is just about the same level as me since I leveled up. I will now see how much experience a level 60 monster will actually give me!" Misaki said out loud before charging forward.

The Black Python who was sound asleep suddenly felt an intense killing intent directed toward it. It lifted its head to see a strange looking human girl rushing towards it. The sight of someone invading its territory enraged the Black Python. It quickly shot its tail straight at Misaki as if to say 'how dare you invade my space!' Misaki was not to be outdone as she parkoured herself off the wall doing a front flip evading the attack with ease. Once she was grounded again she ran up the wall and vaulted up over the Black Pythons head. She slashed down with her sword. The sword sliced cleanly into the top of the Black Pythons head causing it to let out a roar of pain. Blood squirted out spraying all over Misaki!

"What the hell! Do you know how hard it is to clean these clothes? It's not like there are any washer and dryers in this game!" Misaki yelled. She had been doing her best since the start to not get her clothes sprayed with blood but now she was covered in it! "Yuck, it Stinks! Urp... I think I might puke! Fight it back Misaki! Fight it Back!" Misaki said as she pounded her chest.

Misaki who was doing a one woman show by herself completely ignoring the Black Python staring at her with bloodshot eyes, enraged the Black Python to no end. But as it went to strike out with its tail again it felt lethargic and its tail slumped back to the ground not even getting close to Misaki. All the while Misaki was doing her best to wipe the blood off her clothes.