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19 Battling The Treant King!

 The menacing stare of the Treant King seemed as if it was giving Misaki a mocking grin as if it had found it amusing that the puny human yelled at it. This only lasted a second as the Treant King picked up one of the uprooted trees on the ground and tossed it at Misaki!

"Can't you do something else besides throw trees at me!?" Misaki yelled as she jumped up into the air right as the tree was about to hit her, she planted her foot on the trunk and pushed off as hard as she could wanting to spring herself off the tree that was thrown at her. But reality can be a bitch sometimes because the tree the Treant King had thrown was covered in slippery moss and Misaki's foot slipped causing her to fall face first into the ground!


Eternal Games Main Headquarters...


"What the hell is that girl doing!?" Watase Toshi spit out his tea as she watched Misaki's blunder.


Misaki who was laying on the ground felt very embarrassed at her little slip up. She knew she did not have time for any self pity as she quickly got up and drew out her sword. That one mistake cost her, her chance to escape! Now she was being forced to fight a world boss! Misaki eyed the Treant King as she opened up her menu. Her health points were too low right now and she needed to add some more. Misaki worked the virtual keyboard quickly as she dumped all her [Status Points] Into her stamina.

[Player Name]



Demon Lord

[Level] 36

[XP] 45879/57600

[HP] 405/405

[MP] 250/250

[SP] 100/100

[Attack Power] 219(584)

[Magic Power] 20(22)

[Defence] 115(266)

[Magic Defence] 15(16)

[Status Points] 0

[Strength] 145(472)

[Stamina] 375 (528)

[Intelligence] 15 ()

[Mind] 10 ()

[Agility] 10()

[Dexterity] 10()



Beginner Chest Armor, Beginner Legs Armor, Beginner Boots Armor


The Queen's Blade MKI


[Passive Skills]

Demon Lord's Creator, Vampire Sustenance, Demon Lord Racial, Golem Kings Might

Misaki looked at the one hundred and five extra health points and wanted to cry. "What the hell is this going to do for me!" Misaki did not get time to curse the game for its lack of situational awareness as the Treant King swept out its large arm at her. This time, however, Misaki was ready, she jumped up into the air and did a backflip. Her body spun in the air as she swung down with her Queen's blade creating an arch as her sword once again sliced through The Treant King's arm, severing it from the middle of its forearm.

Taking a lesson from last time Misaki kept an eye out for any other attacks. She still had no idea what had hit her last time that had sent her flying and in the end ended up killing her. This time though she was ready as she kept an eye out all around her. What happened next was very quick as a large root shot up from the ground b-lining it straight at Misaki's head! Misaki who was still mid air twisted her body and stabbed into the root with her Queen's Blade allowing her to follow along with it. When the root stopped Misaki used her momentum to launch herself forward. She was headed straight towards the Treant King!

Misaki's speed was fast thanks to the Momentum she got from the root. She twisted her body into a continuous summersault with her blade facing straight out in front of her. She now looked like a large circular saw! Her blade came in contact with the Treant King's body and as if it was like butter its whole right arm was cut off! Misaki desperately maneuvered her body once again mid air and landed firmly on her feet a few meters away from the Trent King!

"Now that was nuts!" Misaki said her breathing was heavy. She had never expected to be able to pull such maneuvers off!

While Misaki was catching her breath, the Treant King was confused as to what had just happened. It was sure it had just slapped the puny human to death. Why was it now that its arm was laying on the ground? The Treant King became enraged as its loud roar reverberated throughout the surroundings. Misaki saw that the Treant King's bark was starting to turn red causing Misaki's face to pale. "Not good its enraged!" Knowing she had no choice but to take the initiative to attack Misaki changed forward with her Queen's Blade in hand.

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Feeling Misaki's killing intent the Treant King swung its only arm it had left back towards Misaki who was rushing towards it. Misaki saw this and quickly flipped through the air dodging the strike. Just as she was about to land ten thin roots that were like spears rush out of the ground towards her. Misaki quickly used her tail to spring herself back upwards just before she landed and twisted her body just barely evading the attack.

Seeing all its attacks being easily dodged the Treant King anger rose even more! Its bark turned a deep shade of dark red as it went into a frenzy swinging its arm back and forth hitting the ground, trees, whatever was near it. Misaki jumped back, not daring to get too close. "What the fuck? This thing even has a berserk mode!?" Misaki was starting to get this feeling that this game was truly being unfair!

The ground under Misaki's feet started to signs of cracks as the Treant King jumped around and pounded the ground. It seemed to have lost sight of what it was actually attacking while in the berserk mode. "If I can dodge its attacks and attack from the back I might be able to take out one of its legs. That is if I can avoid this madness!"

Trees, rocks, and dirt were flying through the air nonstop as the Treant King destroyed anything it saw. Misaki knew that this was actually the only time to get close to the Treant King without a direct attack so she had no choice but to risk it!