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18 Mixing Martial Arts

 After having her fill of meat buns, Misaki and Chiho went to go take a bath together. Chiho's family had a large bath big enough to fit a few people. It was about the same size as those you would find in a local bathhouse. After undressing Misaki and CHiho both got in. Misaki was in awe at how much more developed Chiho was than her. She looked down at her almost barren chest and then at Chiho's mountain range and frowned. 'Life was not fair in some aspects!'

"Mitsu this is the first time you have stayed at my house! It's also the first time I got such an eyeful!" Chiho eyed Misaki up and down with a perverted grin. She had to say although flat, her best friend had a nice body!

"The only one getting an eye full is me." Misaki said as she pinched Chiho's tit.

"Hey! That hurts!" Chiho complained.

"Oh... So~, it wasn't a pimple..." Misaki said as she stuck her tongue out at Chiho.

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"Pimple my ass have you ever seen pimples this big!" Chiho bounced her breasts up and down proudly. Misaki frowned and gave them a slap which set off a round of roughhousing.

After the bath, the two girls went to bed. Chiho felt bad about Misaki having to sleep in a futon so she got a second one and laid it beside the other one. "Chiho, to be honest, this is the first time I have ever stayed at a friend's house. Well to say I have never had any actual friends, to begin with." Misaki admitted. She had grown up alone really since most of the kids found her to be odd...

"It's the same for me as well. You see my family. Ever since kindergarten, it's been like that. On my first day of kindergarten all the kids in my class cried when my Jiji showed up with some of the people from my house. Since then it was said it was best not to get close to me. So when I invited you tonight to stay over it was actually because I never had a sleepover with a friend before either and since it was late it was a good chance to have one." Chiho, like Misaki, spent most of her time alone growing up.

"Well, it doesn't matter anymore. Even if people do not like us, we still have each other! We can do this more often now and you can always stay at my house when you want to as well. I do live alone so it's not like you will be bothering anyone." Misaki said as she snuggled up next to Chiho.

It was not long before the two girls fell asleep. Misaki was really tired from all the exercises she did today so she fell asleep almost instantly. Chiho fell asleep a little a while later after she watched Misaki's sleeping face for a while.

Outside the room, Grandpa Nagasawa who came to check on the girls nodded his head in approval. "Those two are more like sisters than friends. This old man can feel at ease now." Grandpa Nagasawa had always felt bad that Chiho was alone all the time. Her parents died in an accident when she was young and she was almost always alone. Now he felt that maybe everything was due to fate as his granddaughter now had such a close friend.

The next day went as normal. Misaki went to school dozed off before going home and doing her homework. Once everything was done and she had a bite to eat and a bathroom break before she quickly rushed to her room to toss on her Full Dive Helmet.

Misaki logged back in where she originally logged out. This game session, she wanted to get used to doing the martial arts she learned in the real world in game. Since her physical abilities were drastically different here and she had to compensate for her tail and horns she had to practice, practice, practice!

"Let's see I guess I will start in the area that the Treant King destroyed. There is plenty of things to use as obstacles there. I will practice combining all the training I got yesterday and create my own fighting style." Misaki thought before she took out her Queen's Blade and started running through the forest.

First, she only used normal parkour as she used tree trunks as foot plants to spring her body to and fro. Doing some acrobatics in the air as she flew over fallen trees with ease. Misaki spent almost three in game hours getting herself accustomed to the extra power her in game body had. After which she started to add in her tail into the mix. She would use her tail to swing her body around objects and maneuver her into a better position to glide across objects.

After she got the hang of her parkour she started to mix in her martial arts as well. This was extremely difficult and there were many times where Misaki landed in some embarrassing positions. Eventually, though, she started to get the hang of it and was able to mix her martial arts into her parkour. It was still at a beginning stage but it was slowly starting to form a self made martial arts form that mixed, Aikido, Kung Fu, and Taekwondo with parkour.

After a few more hours of time Misaki had spent almost a total of three real world hours coming up with her own mix of martial arts. "There is still a lot that needs work but so far this is not too bad. I even added my tail in for an extra strike. Now I just need to practice it with actual combat. That will be where the real test begins." Misaki wiped the sweat from her brow as she stretched her body. Misaki was very satisfied with her current progress.


The ground underfoot rumbled as a large object fell in front of Misaki sending her flying a few feet back. She quickly rotated her body and stabilized herself by using the nearby objects.


A loud roar shook the surrounding trees. The dust cleared to reveal the Treant King staring right at Misaki with menacing eyes! Seeing the Treant King in front of her made Misaki want to cry. "Why is it you again!? Did you not give up last time!? Why can't you leave me alone!? You already killed me once!"