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17 Bribed With Meat Buns


*Clack* *Clack* *Clack*

Sounds of wooden swords hitting each other sounded throughout the room. As Misaki and Grandpa Nagasawa were currently sparing back and forth. It had only been two hours and Misaki had already shown drastic improvement. Once she started learning the basics she mastered it within minutes causing everyone who saw this to feel shocked.

"Mitsu! MItsu! Stop! Jiji can't take anymore! If you keep going he will die from exhaustion!" Chiho yelled out.

Misaki was one to get lost in whatever she was doing and not really pay attention to those around her. So she did not see how tired Grandpa Nagasawa was getting while they were sparing. But this was a given since they had already spared for an hour nonstop.

"Little girl are you trying to kill this old man!? Just so you know you are not in this old man's will and testament so you will not get anything if I die!" Grandpa Nagasawa yelled out.

Misaki let out a laugh as she wiped the sweat from her brow. She had not exercised like this for a long time. So she was now dripping in sweat. "Grandpa, I do not want your things. I just want Chiho, so as long as you leave her to me then everything is fine!"

Grandpa Nagasawa snorted as she looked at the smirk on Misaki's face. It was only this girl who had the courage to even be wise to him! But this was also the reason why he really liked Misaki because he could joke around with her! "If you want Chibi, I can give her to you..."

"Good! I already have the marriage certificate ready. All I need is Chiho's stamp!" Misaki teased.

Chiho who was standing at the side was wide eyed with her mouth open as she listened to her best friend and her grandfather's conversation! Was she just some kind of bride to be given away!? "Will the two of you be serious!?"

"We are serious!" Both Misaki and Grandpa Nagasawa answered at the same time.

"I swear It feels like Mitsu is more of your granddaughter than I am!" Chiho tossed her hands up in the air. She felt like when these two got together she would always get bullied! "Anyway, Mitsu you really make me feel ashamed! Not only have you just started but you are able to do all the attacks Jiji has taught you on the first try. Not only that but you are able to spar almost evenly with him in a matter of hours! So not fair!"

"It might seem that way Chiho but Grandpa was going very easy on me. The amount of strength of each of his attacks was always even and about even with my own. He did it deliberately to allow me to move my body and get used to the flow of the sword." Misaki explained. She could tell Grandpa Nagasawa did not go all out otherwise she would have been easily crushed by him. There was no way even if she was a genius that at least without a year's worth of training would she be able to actually make Grandpa Nagasawa try a little.

"It's good that you realized this. But also do not put yourself down. Your learning speed is very fast and your body seems to move instinctively. I was even forced to step up my strength a bit towards the end." Grandpa Nagasawa did not want Misaki thinking she had no talent in swordplay. In truth, he was very shocked at how quick she learned and at how well her body moved.

As the three continued to chat four young men who were dressed a little fashionably walked into the dojo. They all quickly bowed their heads and said "Master!"

"Quickly raise your heads why are you all here?" Grandpa Nagasawa asked.

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"Tetsu called us over to help train a young miss." One of the young men replied.

"Oh?" Grandpa Nagasawa turned to look at Misaki. "Little girl, are you planning to learn other martial arts as well?"

"That was the plan! I need to have more mobility and be able to fight without a weapon as well." Misaki explained.

"Little girl you picked some tough tutors. But they are the best in their fields within this city." Grandpa Nagasawa said as he put it attention back to the four young men. "Make sure you treat Mitsu well. She is like a second granddaughter to me."

The four young men all bowed as one said: "We will be sure to give it our all in training her!"

Once again Misaki showed off her exceptional learning ability by learning all the basics of each school quickly and without flaws. All four of her new teachers were all very surprised and started to praise her. Chiho who was watching all this felt a hint of pride as Misaki was her best friend after all.

"Misaki it's getting late so you should stay here tonight you can borrow my extra uniform for school tomorrow." Chiho said.

But Misaki felt a little weird about staying over someone's house since she had never done so before. She was about to decline when Chiho who knew Misaki's personality well spoke before Misaki could. "We will be having steamed meat buns for dinner tonight!"

Misaki's eyes sparkled as she heard the words "Steamed Meat Buns". How long has it been since she had the god of all food! Wiping the drool that was forming at the corner of her mouth Misaki quickly said: "Then I will have to impose on you then."

Seeing the quick change in Misaki's attitude when "Steamed Meat Buns" was mentioned caused everyone to start laughing. Misaki felt a little embarrassed but what could she say! She had no idea how to cook for herself! So making steamed meat buns was out of the question! And buying them from a vendor was even more out of the questions because she had no money! So so what if she was bribed to stay the night. She would get to have "Steamed Meat Buns"!