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16 When Best Friends First Mee

 It was the start of the new school year for Misaki. Her father and mother had just gone overseas. She had to do a lot of begging and pleading in order to stay in Japan by herself. Her father agreed after she said she would stay in the top ten of her grade no matter what. This was not a hard agreement for Misaki because she could understand anything after looking over it once. When you add in her ability to remember anything she has read a few times there was no problem with her staying in the top ten of her grade.

Misaki did not hate school. She found it a good place to sleep after a long night of gaming. Which she just so happen to have done just last night. As Misaki was walking through the gates yawning away. She saw an expensive looking black car pull up. She was startled to see a bunch of hoodlums getting out of the car and then lining up next to it. But what surprised her more was a cute girl around her age also stepped out of the car. When she did those said hoodlums all bowed to her in unison.

Seeing this scene made Misaki wonder if they were shooting some kind of film or something. But she paid it no mind as she pulled out her PPP and started to grind some levels as she walked into the school building.

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That cute girl that Misaki saw also happened to have been paying attention to Misaki. That said cute girl was none other than Chiho. When Chiho saw Misaki pull out the PPP, she was surprised at first as to why a girl like Misaki who was considered to be very cute would be playing video games in school. 'Wouldn't such a cute girl be popular amongst the class?'

Weeks then months passed and the two of them did not see each other at all really except in passing. Misaki would always be playing a game of some kind, walking down the hall by herself while Chiho would take a glance at Misaki as she too walked down the hall by herself. Both seemed to be loners.

It was not until one afternoon when Misaki was sitting on a bench out in the schoolyard, playing her PPP, did they finally meet face to face. Chiho had been wanting to talk to Misaki for a while now since Misaki piqued her interest on the first day of school. She had finally mustered up the courage to talk to Misaki first. "Ummm... Excuse me?"

Startled by the suddenness of someone calling out to her Misaki almost dropped the PPP in her hand. It bounced around a few times on her fingers tips until she finally caught it. She looked at her screen and frowned. "Shit I died...."

"Ahh! I'm sorry it's because I startled you." Chiho felt anxious now since this was not starting off on the right foot. She only wanted to try to make a friend. It has been a few months since school had started and no one was even willing to talk to her. She did not want to spend her high school life alone as she did in her middle school. It was not that her classmates were bullying her. They were actually rather nice to her. It was just that they never invited her anywhere nor did they try to exchange numbers with her. Basically no one wanted to be her friend even if they were nice to her. Which brought her here hoping the cute girl who was always alone and playing video games would not mind being her friend.

"It's fine. I had saved it before the fight started so it's okay. How can I help you?" Misaki asked as she looked at the flustered girl before her.

"Ah! Umm. My name is Nagasawa Chiho. I was actually wondering if we can be friends." Chiho felt a bit embarrassed asking something like this upfront. Normally you do not ask to be friends with someone. It just happens.

" Errm... Misaki Mitsu, it's nice to meet you... But umm... Are you sure you want to be friends with me? I'm pretty weird you know." Misaki said bluntly.

'Huh? Was I just rejected?' Chiho was a little confused at Misaki's answer. "Um... What do you mean?"

"It means I'm weird? No one talks to me unless need be. I sleep all day in class and I play video games all night. Isn't that pretty weird? But if that is okay with you I do not mind being your friend." Misaki said with a smile.

"What's wrong with playing games all the time!? I play games every day as well!"

"Really!? Then do you know how to beat this boss!? I can't seem to beat him no matter what I try! I am not sure if it is some kind of bug or not but he always does an instakill when he only has 100 [HP] left." Misaki's eyes shined brightly as she talked.

"Boss? Let me see... Oh, this guy! Yeah, I had a hard time with him two! I had to boogle it to find out how to beat him. You do this and this..."

And that was how Two Best Friends officially met for the first time.


"Is that brat here yet!?" A loud elderly voice sounded out as the door to the house opened up. An older man in his sixties walked out of the house with a large broad sword on his shoulder. He looked at the trio in front of him and snorted. "Didn't I say be here within an hour? Why are you out front talking away? Quickly get inside! We do not have all day. Like I told the chibi if you can not learn what I teach you quickly Do not come back to my dojo looking for training! I actually didn't want to train you but the chibi begged me to."

"Jiji! Don't lie! You were the one that has been asking me over and over if Mitsu was coming or not!" Chiho exposed her grandfather's lies.

"You! You really actually ratted out this old man!? What happened to family bonds!?" Grandpa Nagasawa stomped his feet.

Misaki let out a light laugh seeing the antics of the two in front of her. "Grandpa I am a bit late sorry I had to finish something up before heading over. That was why I was late."

"At least you are honest! Okay then let's get going. I will train you hard. I do not want any complaining!"