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14 Autograph Part Two

 Misaki looked at the number of views and all the comments and was thanking the gods that she was not nicknamed 'rainbow flowing from her mouth'! That would be the worst nickname she could ever be given! But she now understood that her killing of the Golem King at level two had made her some kind of an internet celebrity. She did not realize it since she never looked up news on the game now that it was out. She just wanted to play the game for what it was and learn as she goes.

While Misaki was lost in thought the Teen boy was getting nervous. He raised his hand that had the paper and pen once again and asked: "Can I please have your autograph?"

"Huh? Oh sure... Sorry I was a bit surprised that I had become famous all of a sudden. Should I write Misaki or Queen?" Misaki asked as she took the paper and pen from the teen boy.

"Queen please." The Teen Boy smiled happily. He was actually getting the Queen's autograph! "Also... Can I get a two shot with you?"

Misaki frowned a bit but still nodded and allowed the boy to take a two shot with her. "Thank you!" The teen boy bowed his head before running off.

Misaki watched as the teen boy ran off and felt a little flustered at what had just happened. She never expected that she would end up being somewhat famous out of nowhere. But before she could turn to continue her run a small voice sounded out behind her. "Umm... Excuse me..."

Misaki turned around to see a small girl around ten years old. "Can I help you?"

"Your Queen right?" The small girl asked shyly.

"Uh... I guess." Misaki answered embarrassingly.

The girl's face bloomed with a smile as she asked: "Can I get your autograph please!?"

"Yeah sure..." Misaki for the second time in her life signed another autograph. Once she finished, Misaki said her goodbyes to the little girl and quickly ran back to her apartment.

After closing the door and locking it Misaki let out a long sigh. "How the hell do I play a game for no more than sixteen hours and suddenly become famous!?"


Misaki's cell phone started to ring inside her pocket. She took it out and looked at the screen to see it was from her best friend Chiho. "Hello, Chiho? What's up?"

"Mitsu! Is that really you in that video killing the Golem King? No no... It is definitely you. Only you would be too lazy to come up with a character name and use your own. So tell me how the hell did you do it? The video only shows you stabbing the Golem King in the eye causing it to fall then stabbing it for four hours." Chiho had seen the video and spent almost three hours watching it over and over again until she was sure that the one in the video was in fact her best friend Misaki! It was only now that she was calling to confirm it.

"Ahah... Yeah, it was me... I just climbed up on top of a high plateau. Everything after that was just coincidental. To be honest I was very lucky. But Chiho I think I might be a magnet for world bosses. Because I was just forced out of the game after being slapped in the face by one. It actually came looking for me and then chased me all over the place before it finally killed me." Misaki still had yet to figure out why it chased after her. She could only think it was the starlight ore but she was not one hundred percent sure on this.

"Well whatever the case may be Mitsu, you are now a star! Wear a face mask when you go out. I am sure you will be stopped and asked for autographs from now on." Chiho said jokingly.

"Yeah kinda too late for that. I have already signed two autographs this morning..." Misaki scratched her nose for some reason it was kind of embarrassing to talk about it.

"What really!? I was just joking but I guess that could happen since that video has well over fifteen million views now. Next time I see you, you will need to give your best friend an autograph as well my Queen!" Chiho teased.

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"Fine, fine I will. Hey, Chiho your family runs a kendo dojo correct?" Misaki had just remembered that Chiho's grandfather ran a kendo dojo.

"Yeah, we do why?"

"Is it possible to be trained in real sword fighting and not just sport? I need to learn how to fight properly with a sword."

"My grandfather can teach you I'm sure. Hold on I will go ask. Jiji!" Misaki chuckled as she heard Chiho calling out to her grandfather.

Misaki only had to wait a few minutes before Chiho came back with her grandfather's reply. "Jiji said that you can come over in an hour to learn some basics of real swordplay. He said depending on how fast you pick it up will depend on whether or not he will continue to teach you. So, in other words, Mitsu if you suck he will not teach you." Chiho said.

"Okay, I will be there soon then. Thankyou, Chiho you're a lifesaver. " Misaki was very grateful that she could learn real sword fighting skills for free.

"Then I will see you soon Mitsu. Don't forget to wear a mask and put on a hood as well. Otherwise, you might get swarmed. Remember you are a star now Mitsu~! See you soon~!"

After Chiho hung up Misaki quickly ran to her room and logged into the game. She had to check to make sure she did not lose any of her items and gear when she died. Shen logged in she found herself standing in a mass of broken and uprooted trees. knowing that she did not have much time she quickly checked her inventory and let out a long sigh of relief. "Luckily I was able to keep all my stuff. But from the looks of it, the Treant King was not happy. I guess my body disappeared before it got here and could not get back whatever it was searching for." Misaki felt it was best not to log out here so she ran little ways out of the destruction zone and found a quiet place to sit before re-logging out.