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13 Autograph Part One

 Misaki saw the trees flying towards her and quickly dived to the ground. She felt the wind pass over her head as the trees crashed into the ground a few meters away. Debris flew out from the impact of the trees covering Misaki in dirt and rocks. Her heart was pounding as she had almost lost her head if it were not for her quick reaction. Quickly looking behind her and saw that the Treant King was making a full b-line straight towards her! Misaki quickly got up off the ground and started to run.

"How the hell am I supposed to fight that thing!?" Misaki screamed as she dashed into the forest hoping to lose the Treant King.

But unfortunately, she was not so lucky to shake the Treant King off as it continued to throw large trees in Misaki's path blocking her from escaping too far. This action really started to aggravate Misaki as she continued to run she shouted out: "You son of a bitch! Stop throwing shit at me!"

The only answer she got back was another large tree landing only a meter away from her. After having so many trees thrown at her Misaki finally snapped! "Fine! You won't let me escape nor will you stop throwing trees at me! You want a fight!? I will give you one!"

Misaki completely changed from escape mode to attack mode. She took out her sword and started to run directly at the Treat King! She had no plan whatsoever! Her only thought was that since escape was impossible she would at least stab it a few times to let out her frustration before dying!

The Treant King seeing a puny human who stole its treasure running towards it with the intent do it harm caused the Treant King to roar out and rage! It shoved its root like arms into the ground causing the ground under Misaki's feet to shake violently. Misaki felt something was wrong and instinctively dodge to the side. Only to see the spot where she was once standing being impaled from the ground by sharp tree roots!

Misaki wiped the cold sweat from her brow as she continued to move. This was the first battle where she actually felt her life being threatened. The Treant King saw that it's attack missed and quickly retracted its arms from the ground. Misaki was now only a few meters away from the Treant King. Feeling it space being invaded the Treant King swept out with its rooty hand at Misaki.

Misaki was not slow to react as she jumped in the air as she saw that ducking would be a bad idea. As Misaki jumped she thrust down with her Queen's Blade with all her strength. This made her do a full summersault mid-air! The blade of the Queen's Blade hit the Treant King's arm and a loud cracking sound was heard as the Treat King's arm from the elbow area to its hand was completely severed off!


"Ehhh!!!!!! Was it supposed to be this easy to cut a world boss's arm off!?" Misaki was confused as to what had just happened. But before she could even think about it she felt her body being slammed by something hard as she was thrown like a kite through the woods. She crashed into tree after tree. She could not stop herself and she could only watch helplessly as her health was being reduced to nothing.


[You have died! Since this is if your first death [Death Lock Out Time] will only be 2 hours. After which any death afterward will lock you out for 48 hours... ]

After the message came up Misaki found herself staring at a blank screen. She pulled the helmet off her head and frowned. "To think one hit from Treant King sent me flying a good hundred meters away. I hope that I still have all my stuff when I log back in..."

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Misaki sat up and took off the full dive helmet. She stretched her arms and legs a bit as she went over what had happened just now. " I need to take some time and learn some martial arts and swordplay... Otherwise, I will be lacking in actual combat technique. Maybe I should learn some parkour as well. Hmm..."

With these thoughts in mind, Misaki decided it would be best to start off with a run. She would need to talk to her father to cover the expense of training all this stuff. He would actually be more than happy to pay for such active things.

Misaki tossed on a pair of sweats and put on her shoes. It was now early morning so it was a perfect time to do a little running. She stretched her legs a bit before heading off down the sidewalk.


Misaki heard the sound of someone taking a picture which caused her to look over to see a teen boy around her age taking pictures of her. "Hey what are you doing!?"

The teen boy was startled at first but quickly reached into his bag and pulled out a paper and pen and walked over to Misaki. Misaki was confused as to why the teen boy was walking over to her with paper and pen and subconsciously covered her chest. "What? What do you want?" Misaki asked nervously.

"Q-Queen! May-may I have your autograph!?" The teen boy asked as she bowed his head and stretched out his hand that held the paper and pen.

Stunned Misaki asked. "You want whos autograph?"

"Yours..." The teen boy answered.

"Why?" Misaki questioned again.

"Because you are the Queen!" The Teen boy said with a big smile on his face.

This statement caused Misaki to freeze. Why was she a queen all of a sudden? Puzzled she couldn't help but ask the teen boy. "Are you mistaken? I'm just a normal high school student when did I become some Queen?"

"You are Misaki from Eternal Phantasy, right? Nicknamed Queen?" The teen boy asked.

"Huh? Yes, my character is called Misaki but what's this queen business?" It was now that the teen boy understood. He took out his phone and brought up the video of Misaki's feat of killing the Golem King.