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12 The Queen’s Blade MKI

 Misaki wiped the sweat from her brow. She now had four bars of copper iron laid out in front of her. "Finally! Now to make a cask for my sword's shape..." Misaki placed her finger on her chin as she got lost in thought. She looked at the large copper iron bars and then started to draw designs on the ground. "I want something that is big enough to block incoming damage plus deal decent damage was all. Maybe a jagged blade that can rip things apart..."

After a few designs, Misaki finally came up with something she liked. It was a broad sword with many jagged teeth on both side of the blade. If used to stab something pulling it out would inflict more damage. She quickly made a clay cask in the shape of her design. She made two casks of the same design and then stacked them on top of each other. She then opened a hole in one end of the cask to allow a spot for her to pour the liquid metal in.

Misaki melted all four copper iron bars into a pool of liquid metal and poured it into the cask. After it was cooled Misaki broke the cask open to reveal the unfinished look of her new weapon. It looked ugly, had no hilt, and was dull as can be but it was for sure her very first creation. Misaki was so happy that she actually burst out into a dance. Luckily no one saw her dancing or she would have unknowingly become the hottest topic on the net once again amongst the netizens. Her dancing was something to be seen... In truth, it was actually seen by a certain someone...


Watase Toshi held his head with his hand as he looked at the scene in front of him. He had taken it upon himself to keep an eye on the girl who killed a level 100 world boss at level 2. But the sight in front of him was too embarrassing for him to even watch. "This dance... Why is it she is so smart when it comes to forging and building a house but dancing... It turns into this..."

"Toshi..." Hearing his name being called Watase Toshi quickly closed his laptop and turned towards the voice. "Hey what were you looking at!?"

Watase Toshi almost choked thinking of that girls dance. He did not want to let others know of this! "I was looking at some porn..."

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"What!? Toshi you are at work! Do that shit at home!" Watase Eriko yelled out.

On this day to keep the world safe from the world's worst dancing. Watase Toshi took one for the team as he was lectured by his sister for over an hour...


"Okay next up is heating the blade and pounding out the imperfections. Once the imperfections are dealt with and the blade is smooth, I just need to sharpen it and make a hilt!" Misaki went right to work flattening the blade and making sure that it was smooth as can be. After about two hours of work of hammering away at the blade, Misaki was finally happy with what she was seeing. A nice smooth blade was laying in front of her on top of the starlight ore anvil. She was finally coming up to the final stages. Using the edge of the starlight ore she started to sharpen the edge of her new blade. She wanted it to be as sharp as possible so it could slice through anything!

Time ticked by and Misaki was now holding a completed Broadsword in her hand.


[Starlight Gleaned Copper Iron Sword Created!]

[Creator: Misaki]

[Rarity: Superior]

[Attack power] 75

[Quality Level ] 54

[Would you like to change its name?]

Miaki eyes almost popped out of her head. "What the hell is Starlight gleaned?" Misaki thought for a bit. The only conclusion that she could come up with was because she used the starlight ore as an anvil! "If it is because of the ore then I will need to test it out the next time. But these stats though!"

Misaki did not know what she did or if her thought process about the starlight ore was correct but she did know that she was probably looking at the very first superior grade level 54 weapon in the game. She quickly typed in a new name for it on the virtual keyboard.

[The Queen's Blade MKI]

[Creator: Misaki]

[Rarity: Superior]

[Attack power] 75

[Quality Level ] 54

"Let's see with my current stats... Let's equip this weapon and see where I am at now." Misaki unequipped the beginner Katana and then equipped her new weapon The Queen's Blade. Then she opened her character screen.

[Player Name]



Demon Lord

[Level] 36

[XP] 45879/57600

[HP] 300/300

[MP] 250/250

[SP] 100/100

[Attack Power] 219(584)

[Magic Power] 20(22)

[Defence] 115(266)

[Magic Defence] 15(16)

[Status Points] 360

[Strength] 145(472)

[Stamina] 15 ()

[Intelligence] 15 ()

[Mind] 10 ()

[Agility] 10()

[Dexterity] 10()



Beginner Chest Armor, Beginner Legs Armor, Beginner Boots Armor


The Queen's Blade MKI


[Passive Skills]

Demon Lord's Creator, Vampire Sustenance, Demon Lord Racial, Golem Kings Might

"Attack power is now at 584. I wonder how strong that actually is?" Misaki swung the sword in her hand a few times. Although the sword was double the size of her body she was able to swing it around effortlessly.


A loud booming roar sounded out over the forest. This caused Misaki's face to pale as she started to feel vibrations underfoot. "Don't tell me..." Misaki looked at the starlight ore that she had sitting next to her forge. "Was this thing some kind of treasure to that Treant King !?"

Misaki did not want to wait to find out she quickly stored her small hut and the starlight ore along with her tools. She could do nothing about the forge since it was built into the ground. She hesitated for a second before using her foot to destroy it. She then gathered all the materials she had laid about and went to rush to the exit of the circle of trees. But just before she was able to get to the exit a rumbling sound was heard and a row of trees that encircled the open space came flying right at Misaki!