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10 Crafting The Basics Part One

 Her first mission was to find a place to work. She needed wood, ore, and clay like material. She knew the game had its own weather system so she did not want to get caught in the rain while she was working. So the first thing she needed was to go back to the wooded area. But it would not make much sense to go all the way there without taking some ores from the area she was in first.

Misaki walked around for almost two in game hours as she collected almost two hundred copper ore and fifty iron ore. Once she got this much she figured it was time to go back to the woods and start working on other things. Just to get this ore she had to literally dig it out with her hands along with using her sword to pry some of it out of the bedrock. One good thing was that Misaki noticed that the lower level monsters no longer even attempted to attack her which made traveling a lot quicker. In no time at all she had already crossed the large grassy plains and entered the woods.

Unlike last time when she was here she decided to make her way deeper into the woods. She wanted to try to find a secluded place to set up camp. After walking for about an hour of in game time she found a batch of trees that were packed tightly together. When she pushed her way through she found a large opening in the forest. "This seems like a good place. The trees circle it tightly, allowing for plenty of privacy. I will just need to take down one tree to allow for easier entrance. I will also build a wall around the inner part of the circle and add a gate"

Misaki's brain turned as she came up with idea after idea. "I will need plenty of lumber. But to protect my privacy it would be best to take it from a place further away. so it would be less likely for people to notice I am here." Misaki opened her map and marked her current location and gave it a tag [Home]. She would be spending a lot of time here and she did not want others trying to steal her techniques or equipment. So she figured it would be best to go someplace that was almost a two hour walk away from the spot she was currently in to gather resources.

Misaki moved quickly as she made her way through the forest. So far the first monsters she had encountered were only level 10 and were to low to even be aggroed by her.. Misaki was very happy she did not go too deep into the forest the first time she was here. Otherwise, she might have been dead before she even knew what happened.

Misaki cut down one hundred trees with her katana and collected two hundred kilograms of clay mud. She then gathered around three hundred large sized leaves that were taller than her along with batch after batch of tall dry grass for tenders.

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Which she had her bounty that she figured she would need. Misaki made her way back to her new home area. She took out one of the trees she had cut down and placed it in the middle of the field. She looked at it and sighed. "This will be more work than I had thought!"

Misaki went right to work. She literally dumped all the clay mud she gathered onto the ground at the side of the ring of trees. Seeing how dirty she was going to be getting Misaki took out one of the more worn sets of clothes that she took from the Burges home when she first created her character. She put it on and felt a little more refreshed since the skirt she was currently wearing was lighter and cooler than the armor.

Misaki first formed a coal pit. She would need this coal later on for her forging so she wanted to make tons of it. After making her coal pit and getting it going, Misaki started to work on a small shelter. Using her katana she would slice the large tree trunks into boards in just a few slashes. She fashioned a small one room hut with a table and chair. Since she already had a bed she did not need to make one. The hut itself was built using interlocking boards. Since she did not have nails to nail the boards together she went with the next best thing which was interlocking it. This caused the hut to basically be all one piece. The roof was covered in large leaves to help ward off any rain. Now, this might all seem difficult to do with just a katana but with Misaki's current strength she was slicing through the wood like butter making this very easy.

Misaki looked at the hut and said "[Inspect]"

[Primitive Home Creator: Misaki]

[Would you like to rename it?]

Seeing that she could rename the hut she quickly hit yes and typed in "Queens Abode." She had come up with a very cringe worthy name for the little hut she had just made.

[Queens Abode, Creator: Misaki]

After her living quarters was settled she began working on the forge. She created a fan out of two pieces of bark and a semi thick stick that was then split at one end four ways. She then cut a notch into the two pieces of bark and interlocked the two pieces together. She then jabbed the stick that had its end spit into the interlocked pieces of bark. When twirled it created a small fan.

"Hmm not bad. I just need to use some thin wood strips and create some rope. Then I can easily make this fan spin quicker." After some time Misaki dug a pit and built a clay forge with a small hole at the bottom that had a built in fanning system. Misaki only needed to pull back and forth on two pieces of rope to create an air current to fuel the flames inside the forge.

"Now that my forge is set I will need a few primitive tools as well." She had already spent sixteen in game hours creating the things she has now. She was actually making progress now. She just needed to make a basic hammer and tongs to use with the forge. To create the hammer she used rope and a very thick branch along with a decently shaped piece of iron. It only took about twenty minutes in game time to make both hammer and tongs.