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9 Queen

 Misaki looked at her now overpowered stats and wondered if this game was tested before it was released. Shrugging her shoulders Misaki moved to the last window and what she saw made her want to cry.

[The following video is a recording of your battle with the Golem King and has been added to your helmet's external drive. This video has already been posted on the main page of Eternal Phantasy website and social media.]

The video started from when she stabbed the Golem King in the eye. It detailedly depicted and voice recorded her shouts at the Golem King to stop shaking her and even recorded her rainbow shower that she gave the Golem King. It even fast forwarded her four hour stabbing in the eye of the Golem King. Misaki really wanted to find a hole and crawl into it. It even recorded her calling herself this Queen! Misaki kicked the air with her feet as she tried to hide her embarrassment. She could only hope that no one would recognize her on Monday when she goes to school.

Misaki let out a long exasperated sigh "Nothing I can do about it now! Since I am level 36 now I guess I will stop early for this session. I need to look up how to make an old fashioned forge and how to forge two handed swords. I need to go with a bigger blade I think. I'm strong enough to carry around a large two handed sword and wave it around as if it was a piece of paper. The best part is it can also be used for defense as well. Sadly I am probably the only one who is level 36 at this time."

Misaki realized that it would be a long time before anyone reaches this level. Especially since weapons and armor can not be bought. Which means people will need to learn how to craft their own things from scratch. It's not like you can just take a few items and hit a combine button either.

"I will log out for now then..." Misaki first collected the reddish crystal from the Golem King into her inventory and then opened her menu and hit the logout button.


Monitor Station room inside Eternal Games main office building...

"Can anyone explain to me how a level 2 was able to kill a level 100 World Boss?"

"Sir it seems she climbed up to the top of a really high plateau that was about even with the Golem King's head. After which it was mainly pure luck since the Golem King fell. If it were to play out like that again there is no way it would happen a second time. "

"Toshi, leave them alone it's not like this was something you could really test against. That girl got lucky and took advantage of the circumstances. This will probably not be the last time it happens either. She is now Level 36 and still has beginner gear. There is no way she will be able to level too much further with her current gear. So let it be and just observe her for now." A young woman walked up and patted Watase Toshi on the shoulder.

"Eriko, I still have to ask these questions just in case it was found to be a bug." Watase Toshi said as he continued to watch the video of Misaki killing the Golem King.

Watase Erio looked at the screen her eyebrow raised as she said: "That's a very rare character look."

"Yeah, she mixed it with a few races and got a few passive skills for creating the first demon lord." Watase Toshi scratched his head as he watched the screen even after watching it so many times he still can't believe that she was able to do it.

"Well seems like our little demon lord will be overpowered enough to hold the title at least." Watase Eriko said teasingly.


After logging off Misaki went to wash her face and sat down to watch some TV. While Misaki was doing leisurely things the video of her killing the Golem King that was put on My Tube had already reached ten million views. There was comment after comment of people giving their input on whether this video was real or not.

"There is no way this is real. My guess is that it was done by a game master."

"No, I saw the system announcement in game. And the video was put up on the front page of the official website. Player name Misaki, level 2 at the time of killing."

"If it's real then that girl must have the goddess of luck protecting her. But that rainbow flowing from her mouth while she was being shaken by the Golem King is pretty funny. "

"+1 rainbow flowing from her mouth."

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"+1 rainbow flowing from her mouth "

"+1 rainbow flowing from her mouth "

"Hey, you all may want to pick on her for that but look what she did! Can any of you say that you have killed a level 100 world boss at level 2? Not to mention wouldn't it be better to call her Queen?"

"+1 Queen"

"+1 Queen"

"+1 Queen"

"+1 Queen"

Misaki had no idea her nickname had been firmly set in stone thanks to all the netizens voting for it. She was actually quite absorbed in researching how to create a forge and craft two handed swords. After reading many methods and ways to do it Misaki committed it all to memory. Misaki also researched how to make simple tools and how to build a simple house. Not to mention other things that could come in handy.

Misaki planned to spend the rest of the weekend training herself in crafting. "Now that I have a basic idea of what to do, I will need to put it all to the test and improvise where needed."


"Times up! Time to get back to work!" Misaki smiled as she skipped to her room. Misaki changed out of her regular clothes and put on some nightwear. She then laid down on to her bed and found a comfortable position before putting the Full Dive helmet on. She clicked the button on the side and the words, Loading... once again filled her vision.

When she loaded in she was in a white room once more where a familiar looking NPC was waiting for her. "Hello, Misaki! How long will you be setting your timer for this time?" The familiar looking NPC was the AI Operator, Ai ran her through character creation.

"I will go with eight hours once again." Misaki answered.

"Eight Hous it is. Please exit through the door..." Ai, disappeared ocne again after leaving this words. Misaki turned and stepped through the portal. When the scene in front of her changed she found herself back where she had loged off.