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5 Kill All Cute Things!

 Misaki landed outside the window and looked around. There was a tall fence that surrounded the backside of the house. It was an older fence with many gaps in the wood boards but it was still enough to cover her escape from the village. Not far from the fence was a tree line that Misaki found very convenient. "At least this place was not surrounded by open fields. For now, I will take cover in the forest and then take time to figure out some of the mechanics of this game."

With her plan set Misaki quickly moved across the back yard and squeezed her small body through the fence. This of which took a bit of time since Misaki did not compensate for her tail and horns... She was stuck with one of her horns stuck on a plank and her sturdy dragon tail blocking her butt from passing through the small gap. She was only glad that there was no one around to see her struggle and what a struggle it was. As someone who could be hailed as a genius if she wanted to be, she was very clumsy at times. After her grand battle with the fence, Misaki quickly made her way to the forest tree line. She did not stay at the edge in fear of being seen and end up starting commotion in this village at this time. That was the last thing she wanted to do. This world was very realistic with how the [NPC]'s interacted with one another and players. If she did not know this was a game she would think that the people here were real.

After traveling for about fifteen minutes Misaki found a rock to sit down on so she could take a look at the rest of the menus. "So besides the inventory, character screen, and equipment screen, there is a button for a guild interface, friends list, map, and the help center. At the very bottom of the menu is an emergency call button. Pretty basic menu if I do not say so myself. Also seems that the inventory can carry unlimited items, which is a good thing. I am not sure if there is such a thing as a warehouse inventory but this would not be needed if the main inventory is unlimited. Oh! I can group things!" Misaki was happy that there was a sorting system in the inventory that let her create tabs for items. She quickly made a few tabs for common items like her bed, spare clothes, and undergarments.

"Since that is all there is to the menu then I am guessing that crafting is on a how to do basis. To test this..." Misaki hopped down from the rock she was on and grabbed a bunch of sticks, rocks and dry leaves from the forest floor. After clearing a spot and making sure nothing would easily catch on fire she placed the rocks she gathered into a circle creating a small fire pit. She then placed the sticks and leaves in.


[Primitive Firepit Inactive]

"So this is how it works... Now let's see if I do this." Misaki took her sword and found what looked to be a strong piece of rock. She then placed the rock near some dry leaves and started to strike her sword against the rock to create a spark. After a few tries, she finally set the dry leaves on fire. Carefully placing the burning leaves into the fire pit they quickly caught the rest of the tender in the firepit ablaze.


[Primitive Firepit Active]

"So as long as you know how to make it you can basically create anything you want. I will need to do some research while I'm not playing." Satisfied with her findings Misaki leaned back against the rock that was behind her.

Misaki had not had the chance to really look at her surroundings since she was forced to move quickly through the forest to get out of sight of the village. But now that she finally did, she was very surprised by the high level of detail of everything around her. The smells of the forest filled her nose as a light cool breeze brushed up against her skin. She could feel and smell everything around her. "This game is truly amazing..." Just the wind passing through the trees was enough to see how realistic this world was. Each individual leaf swayed on its own. Some even became loose and slowly fell to the ground. She watched as the flicking of the fire puffed out smoke that streamed up into the sky. This was the first time she ever felt at peace while playing a game.

When the fire went out Misaki decided it was time to move. She was still level one and needed to start gaining some experience points. Misaki did not dare to go far into the woods because she was not sure how high of a level the monsters would be the further she went in. So far though she had not seen any monsters whatsoever. Not wanting to take any risk, Misaki made her way far enough from the village by walking the tree line for a while. When she was far enough away she emerged from the forest and found herself in a grassy field.

She took no more than two steps when she heard a weird sound. "Splugie!"

Misaki looked around to find about two hundred centimeters away was a blue roundish shaped object made out of gelatin. It had big round eyes that looked like something you would see on a puppy dog that was begging for something . "..."

"Why the fuck is this thing so cute looking!?" Misaki couldn't help but walk over to it, kneel down, and reach out her arm to try to pet it. Only when her hand was just about to touch it... The slime's round puppy dog eyes slanted and a very wide mouth opened up to reveal large sharp pointy teeth and a long disgusting looking tongue.

Before Misaki could react it clamped down on her hand! "Mother Fucker! That hurts!" Misaki yelled out. She crazily shook her hand back and forth while she punched the Slime that was attached to it with her other hand. "Let go!"

Finally not able to take the pain any more Misaki slammed her hand and Slime into the ground with all her strength. There was a pop sound as light particles started to float up into the air. Misaki looked at her hand which still had teeth marks in it and let out a long sigh. "From now on I am on the kill all cute things boat..."

She looked down at the ground and saw a few small balls of gel-like substances. "[Inspect]"

[Jelly Balls]


"That's it? Just a name, nothing else? " Letting out another sigh Misaki quickly collected them. She figured it was never good to waste anything. After sticking the Jelly Balls into her inventory, Misaki opened up her character screen.

[Player Status]

[Player Name]



Demon Lord

[Level] 1

[XP] 5/1000

[HP] 250/300

[MP] 250/250

[SP] 100/100

[Attack Power] 20 (24)

[Magic Power] 20(22)

[Defence] 15(20)

[Magic Defence] 15(16)

[Status Points] 20

[Strength] 15()

[Stamina] 15 ()

[Intelligence] 15 ()

[Mind] 10 ()

[Agility] 10()

[Dexterity] 10()

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Beginner Chest Armor, Beginner Legs Armor, Beginner Boots Armor


Beginner Katana


[Passive Skills]

Demon Lord's Creator, Vampire Sustenance, Demon Lord Racial

"Why is it that one bite from a slime takes 50 [HP] but when you kill it you only get 5 [XP]!? I would need to kill two hundred of those things just to level up!" Misaki felt a little depressed but as she thought about how it had the upper hand because she let her guard down and she did not use her sword. She felt a little better. She hoped that using the sword would make things a lot easier.