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4 Changelings

 The doctor let out a long sigh... "Mrs. Burge I do not need to look at Lena. I already know what happened and all I can say is my condolences. Lena is no more... " The doctor's face showed a bit of regret. He then turned to Misaki and asked. "Miss, may I know what your name is?"

"Ermm... Misaki..." Misaki answered. She was very confused as to what was actually going on.

"Then Miss Misaki I suggest you gather what you need and leave as soon as possible. If you stay here you would cause a scene with the other villagers. So please when you leave, go out the window." The doctor threw out these words before turning to Mrs. Burge. "Mrs. Burge, prepare a funeral for Lena. She is no longer of this world. The cases of disappearances that have been floating around I am sure you heard of by now. These cases are in fact not all true. Some of them are as you see here are not cases of disappearances but cases where the whole person had changed into someone or something else. This is one of those cases. The person in front of you is no longer Miss Lena but now Miss Misaki. We call them Changelings. Normally these Changelings do no harm to the residents as most peacefully leave but there are cases where whole towns have been razed causing many casualties."

"So this is why you asked me to leave out the window. In order to not cause a panic?" Misaki asked.

"Yes, in order to not cause any issues with the rest of the people in this town it would be better for them to not see you leave this house. You may enter freely at any other time after that though. But I do hope you would wait a month or two after Lena's funeral."

"If that is the case then no problem. Mrs. Burge, I deeply apologize for your loss. If you do not mind I would like to come and visit you in the future. On behalf of Lena. As this body did once belong to her..." Misaki gave a deep bow to Mrs. Burge. She felt a little guilty for what was happening.

Mrs. Burge still had tears in her eyes but seeing how Misaki was bowing to her, Mrs. Burge found it hard to blame Misaki. "It's better that you don't. I would rather just mourn my daughter's death."

"As you wish." Misaki knew this would happen but she still had to offer such a thing. She had no idea why Eternal Phantasy had such a realistic event upon entering the game! Misaki walked over to the doctor and whispered into his ear. The doctor gave a nod and left the room leaving only Mrs. Burge and Misaki behind.

Misaki felt a little awkward since from the sounds of it she had taken over Mrs. Burge's daughter's body. But who would have known such a setting was implemented? "Mrs. Burge if you would like to, you can feel free to hit me... I have no idea how any of this happened or why. But all I know is that when I woke up I was here under the covers... I am very sorry for your loss..."

Mrs. Burge looked at Misaki, tears filled her eyes and the once quiet room was filled with a loud slapping sound. Misaki held her now red cheek but did not show any signs of anger or need to retaliate. Mrs. Burge did nothing more after slapping Misaki. "You seem to be a kind child. I will leave it with this slap. But you have to promise me to take care of that body that had once used to be my Lena's. I will be leaving now. Take what you need from this room and leave as quickly as possible."

Misaki bowed towards Mrs. Burge once again before saying. "You have my promise."

Not long after Mrs. Burge left the doctor, came back with an arm full of items. "Miss Misaki here are the items you asked for. There is not much since I do not have much stock left but it should help you a little while."

Misaki looked at the salves and bandages the doctor placed onto the table and smiled. "I thank you for your assistance."

"It is not a problem Mrs. Misaki. I will now take my leave."

After the doctor left Misaki stood up and said "[Menu]"

As soon as her words passed her lips a holographic screen appeared in front of Misaki. "Let's see, inventory... Inventory... Oh! So I have a starter weapon and a set of beginner armor. Now, what are the stats on these..."

Misaki tapped on the armor. A screen popped up displaying the name of the armor and its stats. "Beginners Chest Armor, +1 to defense... What? That's it?" She quickly inspected the rest of the armor in her inventory but they were all the same. She was given a chest, pants, and boots as starter equipment. All pieces gave +1 defense.

"For a game where everything must be crafted isn't the starter armor a little lacking? What about my weapon?" Changing her focus Misaki looked at the starter katana in her inventory. But she really wished she hadn't. Seeing the +2 attack stat was very depressing. "Well, nothing I can do about that now. I will just have to figure out how to craft things later on. For now, I will just put them on otherwise my butt will be hanging out if I wear one of these regular dresses. At least they do add some defense and attack. Some is better than none."

[Player Status]

[Player Name]



Demon Lord

[Level] 1

[XP] 0/1000

[HP] 300/300

[MP] 250/250

[SP] 100/100

[Attack Power] 20 (24)

[Magic Power] 20(22)

[Defence] 15(20)

[Magic Defence] 15(16)

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[Status Points] 20

[Strength] 15()

[Stamina] 15 ()

[Intelligence] 15 ()

[Mind] 10 ()

[Agility] 10()

[Dexterity] 10()



Beginner Chest Armor, Beginner Legs Armor, Beginner Boots Armor


Beginner Katana


[Passive Skills]

Demon Lord's Creator, Vampire Sustenance, Demon Lord Racial

After glancing at her stats Misaki sighed as she tossed the salves and bandages into her inventory. After thinking for a minute she also tossed the bed with blanket and pillow in as well. Seeing the icon in her inventory Misaki tapped the item to bring up the item information. "Crude Bed... An item stolen from the Burge household. Only good for sleeping on." Reading the item information caused Misaki to chuckle. After that Misaki also saw the nightgown she was originally wearing already in her inventory. Not to be left without clothes Misaki also took a few dresses and some undergarments that were in the room as well. She did not know how realistic this game was so if she got wet and did not have a change of clothes she would feel uncomfortable.

With everything set, Misaki looked at the clock in her menu. Only an hour of real time had passed in the real world while four hours passed in the game world. "So four hours equals one hour in the real world. That gives me thirty two hours in game for a full eighter hours of play. This weekend will be lots of fun!" Smiling, Misaki opened the window on the wall. She turned and gave one more bow towards the door of the room before hopping out the window.