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3 The Three Rules

 Once Misaki hit the accept button all the menus disappeared and a set of holographic weapons floated around her in a circle. The list contained a sword and shield, polearms, one-handed swords, two-handed swords, bows, whips, and many more. This did not account for player-made weapons once in-game. Misaki looked at each weapon and started to mutter to herself. "Most games I end up as a ranged class... This time around I wanted to be a magic swordsman since playing such a class was allowed in this game. With my current stats, I can have a pretty even attack and defense... I guess my best option would be to go with a two-handed sword. It can be used for both attack and defense. But my body size is somewhat on the smaller side... " Misaki pressed on the two-handed sword which brought up a list of different two-handed sword types. Her eyes scanned each one until they fell on to a katana. Misaki smiled as she nodded her head. "Mmm... This will do nicely. Although I could go for a larger two-handed sword. I also want to be quick with my attacks. So a Katana would be best to start with. I can always change it up later on. Plus there is no telling what weapons I will be able to get in-game either..."

After making her choice Misaki hit the accept button. The CC Machine light dimmed down and Ai's voice could be heard. "Congratulations on completing your character creation. As in accordance with the rules of the game, I must now tell you the rules which are mandatory to follow and if broken will have extreme consequences. Anywhere from prison time to immediate death.

"As rules and regulations go there are not many. As Eternal Phantasy is a were players rule the world but there are some laws that must be enforced no matter what for the safety of our player's mental health.

" Hacking a player's mind is considered an offense that will be tracked and detected if such action is attempted. You will be arrested in the real world and forced to spend ten years or more in prison.

"The second rule is any attempted r*pe of any kind, whether adult or minor or sexual assault on a minor will be met with extreme punishment of which is death. The Full Dive helmet has been installed with a microwave system that will fry your brain if such a situation occurs.

"The third rule is that any sexual assault without the consent of the other party will be deemed as a criminal offense. You will be arrested in the real world and can cause the offender to spend up to twenty years in prison. All punishments have been deemed applicable by the government.

"The staff of Eternal Phantasy takes these three rules seriously and we have a specialized team that handles such cases. Since murder and torture are allowed within Eternal Phantasy we have a twenty four hour support for any players that feel they need someone to talk to for mental stability. If such acts are gone too far please report it to a Player Health and Safety staff member in-game. They can be contacted via the game menu at any time. The staff of Eternal Phantasy hopes all players will have a fun and rich experience.

"This ends the tutorial section of Eternal Phantasy. Please step through the door to the right. Ai, your AI operator would like to wish Miss Misaki many fun-filled adventures." After saying all this Ai, disappeared.

Misaki was quite surprised by the rules of this game. The fact that such rules are enforced by the law and could even result in death was very strict. Misaki really hoped that she would never encounter such a situation in-game. Not wanting to waste any more time Misaki stepped through the door like she was told.

"You stinking brat are you still asleep!?" A woman's voice roared out.

"Huh?" Misaki who just opened her eyes after stepping through the door found herself under a blanket.

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"I said are you still asleep? Get up now and help me with the laundry!" The woman's voice sounded out again.

Misaki was really confused. She did not know why this woman was asking her to help do the laundry. "Is this a quest of some kind?"

"Quest? What the hell is that? Quickly get up now!" The woman's voice was filled with anger. She reached over and pulled the blanket off Misaki but froze when she saw what Misaki looked like.

"You! No! It can't be!" With the woman's yell she rushed out of the house.

Misaki was left sitting there in a daze. "What was going on?"

Misaki looked around the room. It was a simple old fashion room. Something you would see in ancient times. The room was practically empty with nothing but a bed, a wooden table, and a small bronze mirror.

Misaki got up and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled a little as she checked out her appearance. Short, around 162 centimeters, black hair that went down to her shoulders. Two small little black horns that protruded out of her head and a dragon's tail that was covered in black scales that was positioned just over her butt. She had black scales that covered parts of her body as well. She was petite but not too skinny. With her cute face added in Misaki was very satisfied.

Sounds of footsteps could be heard coming towards the room Misaki was in. The door opened and Misaki saw a woman who was in tears dragging a man who had a box in his hand into the room. "Quick doctor check my little Lena. She was fine last night before she went to bed. Why does she look like this now!?"

Misaki stared blankly at the two people who entered the room. 'What did the woman mean that her little Lena was fine before going to bed? Who was this Lena?'

"Umm.. excuse me but who is Lena?" Misaki wondered if this was some kind of quest or not. She did not hear of any kind of quest system in Eternal Phantasy before. She had stayed up to date on everything that Eternal Games was doing with the game. They had specifically said that there would never be a quest system added since this was a game where players ruled.

"See doctor there is something wrong with Lena! She doesn't even know who she is!" Tears rolled down the woman's cheeks.