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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Author: Su Yunjin

Lastchapter: 591 Just You Wai

Updated: 2020-05-22 16:12

591 Just You Wai
590 Why Would I Fear The Consequences Of The Mere Mating Contract?
589 I Aged A Thousand Years Overnigh
588 Protection Mark
587 Do You Know What It Is Like To Fall In Love With Yourself?
586 Dreamland? Beast Deity.
585 The Evolution
584 Dont Be Afraid, Mommy Is Here To Save You!
583 Ellie’s Appearance
582 Mengmeng, I Can Still Accompany You For Another 10 Years.
581 I Won’t Accept Any Reasons You Give For Not Loving Me.
580 Do You Mind Being A Cougar?
579 Distance Makes Ones Heart Grow Fonder And Haste Does Not Always Bring Success.
578 Was This A Silent Consent?
577 He Represents The Rules In The Beast World.
576 I Knew It, You’re A Masochis
575 You Still Have Logic After Being So Weak?!
574 As Long As You Explain To Me, I’ll Believe You.
573 I’ll Take You Away
572 Not Wearing Your Underwear
571 Felt Both Depressed And Refreshed At The Same Time
570 Are You Still Not Going To Fawn Upon The Emperor
569 To Not Admit That One Has Received A Benefit Is The Most Disgusting Thing Ever
568 Mengmeng’s Heart Is Leaning Towards Us
567 Weep Weep Weep, Mengmeng, I’m So Scared
566 When Would You Think Of Me?
565 Terrified Until Her Period Came
564 What Kind Of Wrath? Ripping Open My Body To Get My Gallbladder?
563 The New Saintess Of The Snake King Valley
562 Even If It’s Ugly, You Still Have To Look At Me.
561 Are You Thinking Of Your Wild Men?
560 If You Don’t Have Such Strong Tastes, We Can Still Be Friends.
559 If You Can Accompany Me In The Future, He Won’t Be Important Anymore
558 I’ve Hands But I’m Busy
557 If I Say Yes, Will You Satisfy Me?
556 Snake King, Shall We Exchange Wechat Contacts?
555 The Key to Open the Gate of Transmigration
554 Your Decision Saved My Life
553 Hubby, Am I Doing It Right?
552 Only to Accompany You to Sleep?
551 You Know the Way to Transmigrate Back?!
550 Do You Want to Eat Snakes?
549 Wabeis Challenge
548 You Are Making Me Feel Like You Are a Complete Pervert.
547 To Protect You, of Course.
546 My Wound? Why?
545 I Believe You If You Say So.
544 Are You Despising Me Because I Am Old?
543 Your Mom Was a Funny and Ridiculous Person
542 So Uniquely Awful
541 Are You An Idiot?
540 Not Illegal To Sleep With Ones Husband
539 Silly, Thats Not A Dream
538 I Love It The Most When I See You Enamored By Me
537 You Made Mengmeng Eat This?
536 Mengmeng, Im Here
535 She Was The First, And The Only
534 Stop Smiling, Thats Ugly
533 Surely You Dont Want Me To Be The Third Party?
532 Missing Your Six Wild Men?
531 Even Ruining Bloodlines Has A Limit, Doesnt It?
530 Whaaat? Vampire PLAY?
529 Are You Playing Happy Farm?
528 So It Really Is Ho
527 Youre Despising Me?
526 Gu Twomeng
525 Why Are You Not Looking At Me Anymore?
524 Bring You To Act Cool And Fly
523 Youre Abandoning Me?
522 Mengmeng, No Fooling Around
521 Are You Both Possessed?
520 Banishing Cole
519 Deception Is Truly Physical Labor
518 A Swindling Con Show
517 The Adoration Has Gotten You Haughty Huh
516 Are You Taking Me As A Damned Fool?
515 Coles Negotiation Conditions
514 My First Love, Im Thankful Its You
513 Dont Forget How He Was like Originally
512 I Know, I Trust You
511 The Feeling of Being Alive
510 Thank You for Giving Me This Chance
509 Making Use of His Trick Against Him
508 Because I Got Even Greedier Than Before
507 Valuing His Face over His Son
506 Playing the Martyr?
505 Its My Honor to Fight for You
504 Mengmeng Dont like Others Touching Me
503 Difference Between Clouds and Mud
502 Is It Painful?
501 I Dont Want Dirty Stuff
500 There Was an Engagement Between Us
499 Didn’t You Suspect At All?
498 Who Allowed You To Call Me With Such A Gross Title?
497 You’re Indeed Not Very Eye-Catching Wherever Gu Mengmeng Is Presen
496 How Dare You Compare Yourself To Her? How Bold Of You.
495 He Died From Having His Heart Eaten
494 Snake King Valley
493 Is This The Happiness He Always Have?
492 Rescuing Chixuan, Cole Seriously Injured
491 I Just Hope That You Need Not Experience This Kind Of Thing Again
490 Calling Reinforcements From Sauder
489 Sudden Change
488 Is An Internal Conflict Starting?
487 Which Woman Is Not Like That?
486 Mighty Messenger, Thank You For Not Being A Male!
485 Doing Dirty Tricks Behind Peoples Back
484 Ellie Tried to Divide Us Apar
483 Mother-In-Law Being Very Fond of Her Son-In-Law
482 Do Anything to Him And... Enjoy Him as You Like
481 It Is Not Really Betrayal, but You Owe Me My Happiness
480 Can You Fool Me for My Entire Life?
479 Lea, I Am Here to Bring You Home
478 I Am Willing to Kill the Whole Saint Nazaire with My Own Hands
477 The Father and Son Despising Each Other
476 You Are Just Outright Bullying My Son Because He Could Not Speak
475 Elvis Being Punished to Kneel Down
474 Mating All Depends on the Mood of the Female
473 The Real Cruel Thing
472 The First Time I Saw Lea Smiling from the Bottom of His Hear
471 What Are You Conflicted About?
470 Is It A Damned Convention To Keep Performers?
469 Eavesdrop And I Will Runaway!
468 Do You Really Not Like Lea?
467 Do You Love Me?
466 Abandonment Has Always Been A Luxurious Word To Me
465 Gu Mengmeng Gaining Fangirls
464 This Generation With Lack Of Materialism
463 Mengmeng, Cant You Be A Little Selfish For Me Too?
462 I Dont Trust The Human Heart, I Trust You Guys
461 You Dont Seem To Believe In Oaths
460 The Weak Has No Bragging Rights
459 Then Do You Want To Devote Yourself To Me?
458 Do You Want One, Bro?
457 Did Water Enter Your Brains?
456 I’ll Die, It’s Better Than You Dying.
455 Your Lives Are Too Incomplete
454 The Mighty Messenger’s A Coward
453 I Swear, If I Lie To You, I’m A Husky
452 Since You Don’t Allow, I Won’t Look At It Then
451 Just Accompany Me, Once
450 I’m Not Willing. Hmph.
449 My Mengmeng Is So Clever
448 Weve To Guard Against Those Betrayers Who Returned
447 One Strike and Im Ou
446 Do You Think I’m Your Spare Tire?
445 Strange Stories From A Chinese Studio: The Fox’s Seduction
444 First Beauty Of The Beast World
443 Ill Lead Everyone To Live A Well-Off Life
442 One Who Is Unaccountably Solicitous Is Hiding Evil Intentions
441 Cole Doing His Utmost Best To Please And Woo
440 You’re A Tiger, Youre Such A Tiger!
439 I Want To Be The Favorite Concubine Too
438 I’ll Accompany You To Oppress The People
437 If You’re Unwilling To Submit, Go And Snatch It Back
436 Those Who Didn’t Eat Bird Eggs Before Are Not Complete!
435 I Can’t Control Her.
434 If I Cant Erect For My Entire Lifetime, Wont You Be The Happy One?
433 How Much Does She Hate You
432 Youve a Record
431 Hitting is Hitting, Punishing is Punishing, Youre Not Allowed To Drive Me Away.
430 Like, I Like You!
429 Lea, Don’t Be Rash!
428 Still The Original Recipe, Still The Original Taste
427 Stare Any Longer And I Would Gouge Your Eyes Ou
426 Ah, Are You The Beast Deity?
425 Do Not Pity Me
424 I Will Accompany You Tomorrow
423 Your Looks Make One Sinful
422 I’m Afraid I Won’t Be Able To Control Myself And Pounce Onto You
421 Can I Beat Him To Death?
420 You Like To See Me Jealous?
419 You May Have Rabies
418 Ellie Wants To Join The Sauder Tribe
417 Series Lived Long Enough To See
416 Mighty Messenger, Are You Biased Towards Lea?
415 You Just Enjoy Looking at Others in Pain
414 I Am Not Interested in Someone Elses Husband
413 A Troubling Thing for Happiness to Come so Suddenly~
412 I Felt like Such an Idio
411 This Must Be Her Dark Pas
410 What Happened to the Pride of Being a Wolf? How Could You?
409 Planned on Seducing Me?
408 I Am Not Blaming You, Dont Mind Me
407 I Could Do It Once in a While
406 Dont Do It Hubby!
405 Call Me Daddy Lea and I Will Tell You
404 Fighting the Boss This Fast?
403 The Beast Deity Had an Infinite Depth of Knowledge
402 The Previous Messenger Vowed to Continue His Foolish Acts
401 Thank You For Beautifying My Life.
400 I Think Its Still Quite Worth I
399 It Was Hard On You Being By The Beast Deitys Side
398 Cheating Before Marriage
397 Im At Fault, Alrigh
396 Im Sure Your Mother Didnt Discuss It With You Either Before You Were Born, Right?
395 Are You So Scared That Ill Kill Him?
394 Prince Charmings Swimwear.JPG
393 Guardian Beast?
392 A Bird From Ancient Times
391 Team Coordination To Put, What Seemed Like Their Love Rival, To Death
390 White Tiger Tribes Auretin
389 At Least, Dont Let It Be Cole
388 Im Hugging Onto My Own Husband
387 You Have to Find Me for Someone to Compete Agains
386 The Heck I Believed You!
385 Hubby, There’s a Stalker Outside
384 Competing Was Every Woman’s Nature
383 Are You Interested in the Esoterica?
382 The Previous Messenger of the Beast Deity Is a Funny and Ridiculous Person
381 What the Esoterica Really Was
380 The Two of Us Are Not Really Innocent in a Way
379 Elvis Shamed Me Just Now
378 Hey, Satisfy Me Too, Alright?
377 May I Call You Ah Gu?
376 First Time Meeting Cole
375 Sauders Leader Paying a Visi
374 Public Display of Affection
373 This Is Raised At Home. It Doesnt Bite.
372 Theres No Coincidence In Sauder
371 They Recognized You?
370 It Is Never Too Late For Revenge
369 Perfection Is The Biggest Loophole
368 Lea And I Have Never Done Anything Weird
367 It Is My Honour
366 Gu Mengmeng Received a Nice-Person Card
365 Damn Son, Youve Got Some Skills There
364 This Scene Is so Beautiful I Dared Not to Look at I
363 Embroidered Uniform Guard? Secret Service Agent?
362 Everybody Can Do Something Oh They Can!
361 I Won’t Starve Myself to Death
360 Stare at Her to Her Death Just with My Wise Eyes
359 Ha, Efforts Wasted on Acting
358 One Strike and Im Ou
357 Did He Meet Eyes with the Female?
356 Elvis, Your Heart Has Changed, Didn’t It?
355 Hubby, Who Is She?
354 You Used the Fox Seductive Fragrant on Me, Didn’t You?
353 Those Things Belong to Us Only
352 Dont Lead My Son Astray!
351 Let Her Be As Stubborn As She Wants
350 You Have To Have A Broader Mind As A Wolf
349 This Man, Is Yours.
348 Come At Me If You Dare
347 Battlefield Prince
346 That Wooden Block Finally Got It?
345 Punishing Nina
344 But I, Am A Deity
343 So Ridiculously Stupid
342 I Set The Rules In This World!
341 Like THAT Kind Of Males
340 Thank You For Not Being A Male
339 Sandy Was Seriously Injured
338 Yeah, Shes Complimenting You.
337 What? Sandy Likes Elvis?!
336 Are You Looking Down On Me Because Im A Beast Pet?
335 F***? Taboo Love?
334 Im Yours
333 Liked How She Took Advantage Of Someones Power To Bully Others
332 As You Wish, My Mighty Queen.
331 Ill Pluck Your Tongue Out If You Continue Spouting Nonsense!
330 F***! He Did It On Purpose!
329 Theres An Affair Going On
328 Who Are You Thinking Of In Your Heart?
327 Did You Graduate From A Drama Queen University?
326 She Almost Became A Tainted Woman In The Beast World
325 Im Also A Complete Female
324 Hubby You Are so Powerful
323 Did I or Did I Not Tell You to Stop Provoking Me?
322 I Am Gu Mengmengs Beast Pet Lea
321 Mountains and Rivers Can Be Changed but Not a Persons Nature
320 Such a Gossip Bear
319 Gu Mengmeng Planning Ahead
318 Did You Go to South Korea and Get a Liposuction
317 Bringing the Whole Family Ou
316 I Suspect That You Really Do Have the Blood of Husky
315 Are You Crazy?
314 Come here, I promise you wont die!
313 Because He Wanted To See I
312 He Said It Is Really Nice, He Likes I
311 The Weak, Has No Right To Control Their Fate
310 Fighting For A Name With Your Own Son?
309 The Next Leader Of The Tribe
308 Now You Are Actually Lying To Me For Them
307 Giving A Name
306 I Have A Good Husband
305 Are You Planning On Eating Me After Feeding Me Till I’m Fat?
304 Do You Think I Am The Damned White Bone Spirit?
303 Of Course I’m Worried
302 I Should Have Slapped Your Damned Face To Death Firs
301 He Was Just Looking On
300 Are You Unhappy Even After I Gave Birth To Sons For You?
299 Whats Shame?
298 Return My Sons Back To Me
297 My Sons Will Die Of Hunger If We Wait Any Longer
296 If You Dare To Touch My Child, Ill Die In Front Of You!
295 Elvis, Lets Divorce!
294 Giving Birth Now?!
293 Threaten Your Own Sons?
292 Hubby Loves Me The Mos
291 Did Not Have My Full
290 Mean, Lea Youre Too Mean!
289 Combat in Happiness
288 These Are All Yours
287 Can People That Loved Each Other Still Be Friends?
286 You Are the One Who Held My Hand Firs
285 Mengmeng, Im Back
284 I Didn’t Know You Are Such a Scheming Bitch
283 Only Deaths, No Defeats
282 Our Family Don’t Need Someone Who’s Weaker Than Me
281 I Resembled a More Alive Person Than Him
280 Momnesia
279 Among Us, Who Did You Think
278 Accept Him, Let Him Be Your Partner
277 Aiyo, My Aged Wais
276 Ugh, It’s So Sour
275 He wants to pounce onto Gu Mengmeng...
274 Keeping Your Own Counsel, Huh?
273 Youre Worthy For Me To Sacrifice Everything.
272 Little Lecture of Gus Bluffing
271 Youre Not Allowed To Leave Me.
270 No More Love, Is It?!
269 Will I Give Birth To A Husky With A Human Head?
268 Punching The Witch Doctor, Kicking The Tribe Leader
267 A Romantic Wolf
266 Was Your Brain Kicked By A Donkey Before?
265 Why Am I The One Making The Decision?
264 Im Such A Gentle And Virtuous Person
263 Blood Alliance
262 Eagle-owl Tribes Ian
261 Dont Look At It, Look At Me.
260 This Time, Ill Be Gentler
259 I Dont Want To Be Abandoned By You.
258 Which Clueless Idiot Invited The Person To My Bed?
257 Is There Any Point In Doing This?
256 Eat?! Ill Let You Eat!
255 Why Are You Sleeping On By Bed?
254 Its Related, Very Related.
253 What A Waste Of Energy
252 Unless I Die
251 Believe Me, Alright?
250 Other Than You, The Rest Are Illiterate?
249 Some Reason
248 You Deserve I
247 Hubby, Come Over.
246 Are You Not Afraid That Hes The Next-Door Uncle Wang?
245 Because You Made Her Cry Again
244 Even Though I Know Im Not Worthy, I Still Love You
243 Shall We Change A Punishment Method?
242 Please Maintain A Manner That An Ex-Boyfriend Should Have
241 Treating Yourself Too Seriously Is An Illness, Youve To Treat It.
240 Congratulations, Youve Promoted.
239 You Didnt Take Enough Liberties, Did You?!
238 Don’t Leave Me
237 The Fight Between The Wolf and The Tiger
236 Her Singing Attracted The Enemies?
235 Lone Army Putting Up A Brave Figh
234 Thankfully, Thankfully
233 Inheriting The Partner’s Abilities
232 Evidence That Gu Mengmeng Is The Messenger Of The Beast Deity
231 What the Heck! Cheat?
230 If I Don’t Make It Back
229 Killed the Whole Family?! What a Psycho!
228 Tell Whoever That Is Not Happy to Find Me
227 Nothing to Say
226 I Am Going to Tell the Whole World
225 The Mating Mark
224 Just Slowly Get Use To I
223 Mating
222 I Decide To Take Responsibility!
221 Elvis Taken Liberties With
220 Stolen Kiss
219 The Domineering President, Elvis
218 No, Stay Calm!
217 Your Sleeping Posture Is Good
216 Drinking Warm Water Is the Cure to All Illnesses
215 Unless Necessary
214 Elvis Preparing Medicine
213 Gu Mengmeng Was Having a Fever
212 I Might, like You
211 This Was the Day I Had Been Waiting For
210 Such A Strong Taste?
209 I'm A Wolf
208 Someone You Like
207 It's Snowing
206 Identity Exposure
205 Dumbo’s Roping In
204 Leave All These Things To Me
203 True Enough
202 Ninth Highness
201 Ridiculous Imagination
200 The Messenger Is A Moron
199 Gu Mengmeng Faking An Accident For Compensation
198 Beat Him To Death!
197 Screw You!
196 That Person Who Should Have Come, Finally Came
195 Sandy's Seventh Partner
194 But Unfortunately She's The Messenger of the Beast Deity
193 A Self-Invited Gues
192 Getting A Main Dish
191 I Don't Snatch Gu Mengmeng's Things
190 Elvis's Unconditional Suppor
189 She's Just A Pheasan
188 Gu Mengmeng Getting Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed
187 Where Are You Putting Your Claws At?!
186 I'm Not Even Qin Shi Huang
185 I Don't Want This Privilege
184 You Never Know, It Might Be A Blemish
183 Am I Dead To You?
182 One Shot One Kill, What A Fast, Accurate and Cruel Move!
181 I'm Here To Find My Male
180 Stewed Potato With Tiger
179 Are You Still Not Going To Show Your Original Form?!
178 Don't Ask, Just Do It!
177 A Living Hormone
176 Long Time No See, Gu Mengmeng
175 Starting To Understand
174 Elvis, The Horrible Team Player
173 Don't Tell Me You Have Such A Strong Taste?!
172 Are You Planning To Confine Me?
171 I Won't Be Foolish Over A Man For The Second Time
170 Too Much Intelligence Would Hurt Oneself
169 Just Like This
168 Lea's Reques
167 And If She's Willing?!
166 Luckily, She's Unwilling To See Me
165 Can't It Be Me?
164 Down Memory Lane
163 Gu Mengmeng, You're So Selfish.
162 A Mutually Consented Thing
161 Lea, I'm Here To Pick You Up
160 Elvis Got Hur
159 You Don't Have To Go
158 Why Not Me?
157 Love Is Blind, Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
156 Good Morning, My Mengmeng
155 Lesson Learned
154 Gaining Fan Girls
153 Share Some with Me
152 Indeed, It Was Delicious.
151 You Want to Compete with Me Too?
150 From Today Onwards, I'm Yours
149 Lea Killing All of Nina's Partners in the Blink of an Eye
148 Lea, What Are You Going to Do?
147 Were You Afraid That I Wanted To Seek Revenge But Couldn’t Find Where You Live?
146 If Not Now, Then When?
145 My Lea
144 I Have Always Been Here
143 Just Call Me Daddy
142 Just Confess
141 Got Hit On By Lea
140 Daddy Lea Wants To Eat Me?
139 Is It Your First Kiss?
138 Why Is It Me Again?!
137 Deciding A Title As Soon As Possible
136 I'll Listen To Mengmeng
135 Congratulations, You Have Even Learned How To Be The First To Answer!
134 This Was All Life
133 I'll Get Jealous
132 Be Careful, I Might Pounce On You
131 Daring To Battle With The Beast Deity
130 The Unfair Treaty
129 Gu Mengmeng's Revival Skills
128 Discarding Him After Making Use Of Him?
127 Changing Clothes Again?!
126 Give A Chance To Other Males
125 Lea Graduated From New Oriental?
124 Lea's Childish Revenge
123 The Wonderful, Bubbling Joke
122 Gu Mengmeng Telling A Story
121 Gu Mengmeng's Beauty Feasting The Eyes
120 Only Tactics Would Win One's Hear
119 Calling Male Partners Daddy?
118 The Deeply-Rooted Gender Discrimination
117 Gu Mengmeng Roasting Fish
116 I Will Use The Rest Of My Life To Protect You
115 Barete Did Not Survive
114 Marrying An Unlucky Wife Would Definitely Invite A Lifetime Of Unnecessary Suffering
113 So What?
112 Are You Treating Me like a Fool?!
111 Nina Lacking the Intelligence
110 The Males in the Beast World Could Not Stay Calm
109 I Got It, Let’s Go!
108 Brain Is a Wonderful Thing
107 Why Isn't Gu Mengmeng a Male?!
106 He Could Not Tolerate the Fact!
105 Hehehe
104 Sandy Has Me, Why Does She Need You to Accompany Her?
103 Bode's Provocation
102 When Nothing Works, Boot-Lick Will Surefire
101 Amorous Mood, so Pleasant!
100 The Process Being Wrong?!
99 Self-Harming Is the Most Foolish Ac
98 Little Wife Staring At A Perver
97 Elvis's and Lea's Wet Performance
96 What A Fair Leader!
95 Why Are We Still Going Through Gender Discrimination?
94 Gu Mengmeng Dying
93 Raising Males As Beast Pets?
92 You Help Me Wear
91 Lea Selling His Looks?!
90 I Only Like Pretty Guys
89 Daddy Lea Is So Reliable!
88 An Experience Never Before
87 Call Me Daddy
86 Lea, I'm Sorry.
85 Believe Me, I'm Serious
84 Gu Mengmeng Going Back On Her Actions After Pouncing?
83 Gu Mengmeng On Lea's Back
82 Lea Degenerating?! Do you want Daddy's Tail?
81 The Relationship Between Elvis and Lea
80 Give Lea a Title?!
79 I Don't Have Manners!
78 Gu Mengmeng, Congratulations!
77 Gu Mengmeng Could Not Catch Up
76 Gu Mengmeng Becoming The First Beauty Of The Tribe
75 The Psychopathic Coming-Of-Age Ceremony
74 Lea's Angry
73 The Sudden Change In Style at the Matchmaking Session
72 Gu Mengmeng Being Blown Messily by the Wind
71 Fall of the Qing Dynasty!
70 Give Me Back My Daddy Lea
69 A Mother's Love Towards Her Children Was Boundless, as Expected
68 Gu Mengmeng's Wild Thoughts
67 Elvis Helping Gu Mengmeng to Change
66 You Can't See!
65 Billionaire Elvis
64 Elvis Playing Hooligan
63 Did Leader View Her as a Rival in Love?!
62 Sandy's Inferiority
61 Just Not Eat It If the Worst Comes to the Wors
60 Sandy's Gift in Return
59 Gu Mengmeng the Backup Food
58 Relationship Between Menstruation and Estrus
57 Who Is This Awkward Guy?!
56 Blinded by Lus
55 The Fox Seductive Fragran
54 Just Thinking of That Was so Embarrassing!
53 Do You Want to Go Back to Elvis's Place, or Mine?
52 Gu Mengmeng Had Matured into Adulthood! the Males of Saint Nazaire Are Overjoyed!
51 A Little Ashamed
50 Beauty Lea
49 Touching Is No Big Deal
48 Hit Me Back If You Can!
47 Beat You up Every Time I See You!
46 Not Allowed to Divorce Even with Broken Relationship?!
45 Nina Wanted to Divorce
44 Gu Mengmeng Abused Her Power to Bully Others
43 Do They Still Have Any Shame?
42 Nina's Provocation
41 Sandy, The Female
40 Hello, I'm Gu Mengmeng.
39 I'm So Hungry, I Wanna Eat So Badly
38 Barete's Inferiority
37 Since You're Handsome, Whatever You Said Made Sense
36 A Female Who Showed Exceptional Concern
35 Flame Devil and Fire
34 Boring Wood to Start a Fire
33 She Liked Lea!
32 The Most Severe Punishment on A Male by The Beast Deity
31 You Are Now Being Kidnapped By Me
30 Barete Receiving The Punishmen
29 You Want to Eat It With The Skin?
28 Rabbit or Deer?
27 Rightful Status Elvis Taking Up The Position?
26 The Deity's Punishmen
25 A Close Shave
24 Harboring Ill Intentions 2
23 Harboring Ill Intentions
22 Let's Escape Together
21 A New Tactic of Hitting Up Girls?
20 Males Hurt Too
19 His Special Gu Mengmeng
18 Forcefully Salvaging Her Dignity
17 Damn......It Was Too Embarrassing
16 Barete's Hatred
15 Concealed Advance
14 Bitch! Get the Hell Out!
13 Breaking! Thousand-Year Wolf Dying from Blood Loss!
12 Gu Mengmeng's Unintended Teasing
11 You Can Change, I Won't Stop You
10 Meeting a Perver
9 Be the Unique Hooligan
8 Playing Hooligan Will Be Beaten Up!
7 Who Do You Think You Are
6 Gu Mengmeng liked him?
5 The Most Beautiful Female in the Tribe
4 Her Partner Would Be Personally Chosen By Me
3 The Saint Nazaire Tribe
2 Elvis
1 I Would Not Be Responsible