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364 The Clients Cleverness 6

 All those present were the top mercenaries in the Black City. If that news were spread around, then future clients might consider it a stain in their profile. A reputation was crucial to a mercenary.

However, should they really go to Mount Kuluo?

When the client saw that his sarcastic speech was the reason for the leaders' darkened expression, he knew that they were hesitant about their decision. "Even though Mount Kuluo had a bad reputation, the previous group that perished there were only 100-men strong. Furthermore, they did not know the real situation on Mount Kuluo, and thus they had underestimated the dangers there. However, which of you were not aware of the unsafe condition on the mountain, and would you underestimate your enemies? In addition to that, we are now 1000-men strong. Even if any beasts wanted to attack us, they would have to consider if they could go against all of us."

His first move was to mock the leaders to arouse their indignation. Then he analyzed the situation for them to hint that their numbers far exceeded the group that rumored to have perished on the mountain.

That two-pronged approach swayed many of the leaders.

Shen Yanxiao laughed in her mind. That client was not a simple character, indeed. With only a few sentences, he had managed to control those leaders' emotions. It looked like he had a good grasp on a human's mind.

First, he imposed the honor and reputation of the mercenaries on the groups of people. Then, he analyzed the advantages of the situation to them. She believed that most of the leaders had already been moved by what he had said.

The client had the same thoughts as Du Lang, and both of them felt that it was an impossible mission.

The difference was in the Phoenix's real rank.

Du Lang thought it was possible because he believed that their target was an eighth-ranked Phoenix. He had adopted a wait-and-see attitude as he felt that their sheer number might be able to help with their victory.

However, both Shen Yanxiao and the client knew that the Phoenix on Mount Kuluo was a twelfth-ranked magical beast. It was even comparable to a mythical beast! If they were to rely on the teams that they had, then they would suffer more than just light damages.

Du Lang had been right. It was apparent that the client had attempted to coax people to do the work for him.

Those leaders had wavered when they heard those few sentences.

Those leaders were not idiots, and they acknowledged that they would fare well with their sheer number. However, it was still a dangerous mission, and they were still worried about it.

At a crucial moment, it was as if the client had predicted the situation. He suddenly said, "If we were to complete this mission, I promise to triple the original remuneration."

Triple the original remuneration?

Everyone gasped. The original reward for the mission had already been higher than the average mission. The client had tripled the amount, and that meant the compensation was comparable to payment for ten missions.

Those leaders were tempted.

When it was about money, it was hard for them to consider anything else.

Soon after that, one of the leaders caved and agreed to continue with the mission. Even though they still had some worries, those were insignificant when compared to the generous remuneration.

Mount Kuluo might have been dangerous, but they had the advantage in the number of mercenaries with them. It should not be too risky.

They did not know that their moment of greed would cause nearly a thousand mercenaries to lay their lives behind on Mount Kuluo forever.