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361 The Clients Cleverness 3

 Everyone was terrified of Mount Kuluo. If they lost focus, even for a moment, they would become rations for those magical and demonic beasts. Therefore, none of them would ever want to enter such a dangerous place.

Shen Yanxiao frowned when she saw those leaders' violent reactions. Their state of panic and actions were unbearable when she compared them to Du Lang's reaction.

All of them were leaders of mid-sized mercenary groups, but even though Du Lang was worried about Mount Kuluo, he still adhered to their principles. He would not consider a retreat, and he even ordered all of his subordinates to make preparations for battle.

Those leaders had the same status as Du Lang, but the moment they saw Mount Kuluo, they did not try to coordinate their mercenaries to complete the mission. Instead, they had wished to withdraw their men from the area.

Even though they were unhappy with the client's deliberate intention to conceal information from them, they had not cared when they heard about the Phoenix and the bountiful remuneration.

The client had also mentioned that the mission would be a dangerous one. Otherwise, they would not have employed all of the mid-sized mercenary groups in the Black City. They had also declared that the location would be kept a secret. However, those mercenaries were blinded by greed, and they only saw the immediate benefits. They did not notice the dangers beneath the attractive perks.

Shen Yanxiao had been impressed by Du Lang's reaction and how different it had been from the other leaders.

Someone with such courage and temperament like him would probably not stay as a leader of a mid-sized mercenary group for long.

Shen Yanxiao touched her chin. Her knowledge of Du Lang had deepened, and that raised an idea in her mind.

If Du Lang and the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group honored their principles to that extent, then they must be worthy friends.

No one knew better than her the terrible dangers that awaited them. Besides the usual savage magical beast and crafty demonic beast, their real opponent was a Phoenix at the rank of a mythical beast!

Even though the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group were brave and good at fights, they were also too weak against the Phoenix. For the Phoenix, their existence was akin to ants. Other than the seven wolves, none of them could withstand a single blow from the Phoenix, let alone a full retreat.

She had stayed with the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group for the past few days, and even though they were upset about her presence, they did not make things difficult for her. On the contrary, after they had familiarized themselves with her, the mercenaries had cared for her like their little brother. If other mercenaries were to disrespect her, they would immediately retaliate against them.

Even though they might have done it because of Du Lang's orders, their own feelings had played a part in it too. They were a group of firm and unyielding men, and despite their dissatisfaction with her presence, they could not bring themselves to bully a young kid. Shan Yanxiao's presence in the group might have been awkward, but they did not mistreat him.

The kid was their leader's guest, so how could they allow other mercenaries to bully him?

They had discreetly taken care of Shen Yanxiao throughout the journey. Some of the younger mercenaries had appointed themselves as her brother, while the older ones cared for her with the gentleness of a senior.