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356 Twelfth-ranked Phoenix 1

 Evil Wolf's perception of Shen Yanxiao changed as he listened to her talk. He had assumed that the kid was dead weight, but a few words from her had allowed Du Lang to deduce their next destination. Furthermore, Du Lang had been able to command his brothers to make further preparations. It was hard to measure just how much losses and casualties that they had prevented with that one action.

Evil Wolf no longer treated Shen Yanxiao like a little kid. Instead, he started to pay attention to every single word she said.

The team of more than a thousand men continued to journey to the vast land. As time progressed, they moved further away from the Black City as they went toward the unknown.

The large group of men traveled until they reached a forest. At that point, it was already evening, and the sky had gradually darkened. All the mercenaries left their carriages so that they could camp in front of the forest.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group's mercenaries were well-trained, and they started to work as a group. The members responsible for setting up the tents went about their tasks while those who had to prepare food did theirs. Everyone was tired after a long day, but they did not rest. Instead, they immediately went to complete their tasks.

In fifteen minutes, more than twenty tents had been assembled, and one could see bonfires in front of those tents. Iron pots were also set up atop the fires as the delicious aroma wafted from the food inside those pots.

Other mercenary groups still had to fight with their tents. They were famished, but all they could do was to look at the rising smoke at the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group's area as they swallowed their saliva hungrily.

The thirteen people in the client's group had only assembled four tents, and they completed that around the same time as the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group did theirs. Du Lang and the leader in that group glanced at each other's directions and nodded in approval at the speed of how they got things done.

"Oh, god, I'm so exhausted. My bones are about to break from spending an entire day in the carriage. I think it's better to be on the horse." Sleepy Wolf rubbed his aching shoulders and sat near the fire as he waited for the food.

The seven wolves sat together, and Shen Yanxiao followed Du Lang to join them as well.

Except for Evil Wolf, the other five wolves had subconsciously looked at the dead weight in their group.

Evil Wolf, who had been unhappy with the task to babysit the dead weight, had acted strangely as he did not show any sign of dissatisfaction toward Shen Yanxiao. Instead, he took a water bag and passed it to her. "You've traveled for an entire day. Here, have some water."

He sounded awkward, and it seemed like he had also deliberately avoided eye contact with Shen Yanxiao when he passed her the water bag.

Shen Yanxiao smiled at Evil Wolf's expression of goodwill. She could sense the change in his attitude after they had traveled in the same carriage.

When they realized that Evil Wolf was friendly with Shen Yanxiao, the other five wolves immediately had some strange expressions on their faces. Initially, Evil Wolf had been the one with the most objections against that dead weight.

Wild Wolf had the best relationship with Evil Wolf, and so he looked for an opportunity to sit beside him. When he managed to do that, he lowered his voice and carefully asked, "Evil Wolf, what's going on? There's something wrong with how you treated that little kid."

Evil Wolf frowned and shot Wild Wolf a glance before he whispered in a small voice, "Don't ask so many questions. In any case, Huo Xiao is someone that the leader had invited, so don't cause any trouble for him."