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348 Seven Wolves 2

 When all the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group saw what their seven bosses were doing, they started to look left and right too.

The other mercenary groups were curious when they noticed that the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group seemed to be on the lookout for someone.

All seven wolves of the group had already gathered at the public plaza, so who was the person that Du Lang still awaited? Could they have sought assistance from other powerful reinforcement?

If that was the case, how were the other mercenary groups supposed to survive? The seven wolves were already a big headache for all of them. With the presence of the Cave Wolves Mercenary group, they knew that they would receive limited remuneration from that mission. If Du Lang were to invite another person with an advanced-level profession, perhaps they should just cut their losses and walk away from the mission.

The leaders from all of the other mercenary groups kept their focus on the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group. They prayed that Du Land would not recruit another advanced-level expert into their group.

Just as the crowd anticipated the arrival of that mysterious person, a petite figure walked past the spectators who had surrounded the plaza, and slowly walked toward the location where the mercenaries had gathered.

A young and frail-looking had walked into a large group of muscular men. That was an odd scene, indeed. It was akin to how an ignorant little rabbit had accidentally intruded on a pack of lions.

The mercenaries who focused on the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had noticed the appearance of said little rabbit.

A mercenary poked his leader and asked with uncertainty, "Leader, someone just came over from there. Could that be him?"

The leader turned toward the location that his subordinate had aimed. He thought he would see a behemoth of a person. Instead, he only saw a young child the height of his posterior. He slapped his subordinate in anger and yelled, "Are you kidding me? That kid's waist is not even as thick as my thigh. Unless Du Lang had gone mad, otherwise he's not waiting for a kid. Stop messing around and get lost!"

The mercenary covered the ache on his cheek and walked away with a bitter expression. He looked at the petite figure and felt wronged somehow. However, there was nothing he could but grumbled discreetly.

He knew that Du Lang and his group could not have been waiting for a little kid. However, his leader had asked him to keep an eye out on the surroundings and to inform him if he saw the arrival of someone new. He had merely followed his orders and reported to his leader when he saw the kid. So why did he get punished for that?

It was all that little kid's fault. Should he not be drinking milk at home? Why the heck was he there?

Just as everyone believed Shen Yanxiao to be a passerby, Du Lang's eyes brightened when he saw her, and he made his way toward her.

Before the six other wolves understood what was happening, they noticed the smile on their leader's face as he walked toward the kid who looked out of place.

"You're here." Du Yanxiao looked at the newly-arrived Shen Yanxiao with a small smile on his face.

Shen Yanxiao looked around the mercenaries in the plaza before she nodded and said, "I have accepted your invitation, so of course, I will keep it."

The plaza had over a thousand people, and all of them went quiet at that very moment. Everyone's focus was on Shen Yanxiao and Du Lang.

It was odd to see the entire plaza in absolute silence.

What had the f*ck happened?

Was Du Lang waiting for that unattractive little kid?

Would someone eventually wake them from that dream?

Was Du Lang also out of his mind? He had led a group of mercenaries looking left and right so early in the morning, just to look for a kid?