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341 Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups Invitation 1

 While Du Lang was in discussion with his subordinate about the content of the mission, he noticed that Shen Yanxiao, who was supposed to have left the room, was still there, and she was staring at them in deep thoughts.

Du Lang was stunned when he realized that the customer had overheard his conversation with his subordinate.

However, Du Lang had a moment of hesitation when he recalled his previous theory about the customer.

"Dear customer, it looks like you are interested in the Phoenix as well?" Du Lang tried to probe for more information about Shen Yanxiao's curiosity.

The young man's jaw dropped the moment Du Lang spoke to Shen Yanxiao.

Cust... customer!?

Did he mean that the person who had purchased the mid-level magical beast's parts was the little kid in the room?

That was a sum of three thousand gold coins, for goodness sake! That kid did not even look like a wealthy person, no matter how he studied him!

The young man gulped. For mercenaries like him, three thousand gold coins was a rather large amount of wealth.

Shen Yanxiao recovered her senses, but she did not reply to Du Lang for a few brief moments as he looked at her with doubts in his expression.

Why would he ask that so suddenly? Were mercenaries missions supposed to be secrets that could not be revealed to anyone else? Did Du Lang think that she would leak the information to other groups? Or was he worried that she was a member of a rival group and had wanted a cut of their reward?

In a rarely seen move, Shen Yanxiao decided to explain herself so that she could avoid any future trouble. "Leader Du, do not worry. I am not a fellow mercenary. I am merely curious about the Phoenixes. After all, it had been hundreds of years since the Phoenixes disappeared from the Brilliance Continent. "

Du Lang laughed and said, "You are overthinking it. I noticed that you seemed rather interested in our conversation about the Phoenixes, so I decided to ask about it. The mission that the client entrusted to us was also distributed to the other mercenary groups. There's really no reason for me to hide anything about that." As a leader, Du Lang understood Shen Yanxiao's concerns.

When Shen Yanxiao realized that Du Lang did not mind her questions, she decided to use that to her advantage. After all, she was their customer, so they probably would not care about a few questions.

"Do you know the gender of the Phoenix in your mission?" [1. The literal Chinese translation of Phoenix is Feng Huang. Feng refers to a male Phoenix, while Huang refers to a female Phoenix.] Based on what Xiu had told her, she realized that the Phoenixes from that world were similar to the ones in her previous life.

A newly born female Phoenix would be an eighth-rank magical beast while a male Phoenix would be a rank higher.

However, she did not expect that her question would stun Du Lang.

The young man also thought that her question was odd, and so he asked, "What's the difference? Aren't they all Phoenixes?"

The young man's doubt described Du Lang's reaction.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless. She did not expect that the world's understanding of the Phoenix would lack to such an extent that they could not even differentiate between the two. [2. In the Chinese text, they are using the words, Feng and Huang, individually. SYX is speechless that they do not know that Feng is a male Phoenix, while Huang is a female Phoenix.]

Du Lang seemed to have recovered his wits when the young man asked that question, so he immediately inquired, "May I ask about the differences between the two Phoenixes that you have mentioned? If you can provide us with some information, we will give you a ten percent discount for all your future missions, if you were to entrust them to us. I can guarantee this as the leader of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group." There was so little information about the Phoenixes in that world that no one could conjure a clear image in their minds.

Du Lang had thought that the customer was not as simple as she seemed on the outside. Du Lang's inherent keen senses even peaked when she asked that particular question.