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336 Cave Wolves Mercenary Group 2

 Mercenaries paid great attention to the remuneration for their missions. Even the smallest group of mercenaries would nitpick over the missions. Except for the lone rangers who preferred to stay solo, none of the groups would accept a lowly-paid mission.

Shen Yanxiao ignored the jabs of mockery from those mercenaries and continued her conversation with the young woman. "I am looking for three types of items from the corpse of a fifth-ranked magical beast, preferably the horns, eyes, and bones. However, their time of death must now exceed a week."

As soon as Shen Yanxiao clarified her request, the mercenaries who had laughed at her widened their eyes in disbelief.

A fifth-ranked magical beast? That was a mid-level magical beast. It would be a tough challenge to take down that kind of beast, and it would probably need more than a dozen people to get the job done. A small group of mercenaries with six or seven members would not have the capability to do that.

"Is that kid crazy? He wants to buy items from a fifth-ranked magical beast? Even if it isn't a magical core, it still won't be cheap," one of the mercenaries had muttered. A magical core was the most expensive item that one could get off a magical beast. The other parts of the beast, like horns, blood, skin, eyes, bones, and hair, would be relatively cheaper. However, it was still not a price that once would be considered inexpensive.

A fifth-grade magical core of the worst quality would sell for at least a few thousand gold coins, while the other parts of the magical beast would cost between a few hundred to a thousand gold coins. That amount would be enough to purchase a low-grade magical core.

The little kid did not look like a wealthy person, and yet he had asked for three items from the corpse of a fifth-ranked magical beast? He had also mentioned that the time of death must not exceed a week.

Was that supposed to be a joke?

It would take about two to three days from the Black City before one would reach the place the magical beasts dwelled. Even a mid-sized group of mercenaries would be hard-pressed to find a mid-level magical beast and to take it down in a single day. One week was barely enough for a mercenary group to make a return trip for the mission. Furthermore, their team had to track the magical beast in the shortest time possible, and then they would have to kill it in a day or two.

Since they had to fight the beast, it was also hard to guarantee a complete corpse as the fight might cause unwanted damages to the beast's physical form. Most of the time, the magical beast would perish with incomplete body parts.

Furthermore, Shen Yanxiao had asked for three items, and that meant that they would need to kill at least two mid-level magical beasts for those items.

Shen Yanxiao had given them such strict conditions that the mission would not come cheap.

However, the mercenaries doubted that the poor-looking little kid could fork out such a large amount of money.

When the young woman heard Shen Yanxiao's request, she said, "Please wait a moment. I will check if any groups have returned recently with items that fit your requirements."

"Sure," Shen Yanxiao said.

The mercenaries kept their gazes at Shen Yanxiao, and they were no longer in a hurry to hand in their missions. They wanted to know if the little kid really did have the money for her request!

After a few moments, the young woman looked up with a smile, and said, "Are you sure you only wanted parts from a magical beast that had died within the last seven days? If it is not a definite requirement, then we'd like to recommend you to choose the parts from a timeframe that is not within that limit as there is a huge discount on the prices." The young woman tried to offer Shen Yanxiao with some cost-effective items.