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328 Searching for Treasures in the Medicine Storage Room 3

 "The corners of north, south, east, and west?" Shen Yanxiao quirked her eyebrows. It looked like Ouyang Huanyu was smart enough to avoid common thought processes. He had hidden the truly priceless medicinal ingredients in the most inconspicuous places. If the winners of the competition followed the usual common sense, they would undoubtedly overlook those four corners.

Shen Yanxiao immediately walked toward the eastern corner. As expected, there were precious medicinal ingredients in three of the drawers of the innermost cabinet at that corner. Even if one had money, one would be hard-pressed to find and purchase those rare ingredients.

She memorized each of the ingredients, but she did not grab any of them. Instead, she looked through all the cabinets at the four corners of the room.

As she completed her stroll, Shen Yanxiao sighed in admiration for the richness of the Saint Laurent Academy's medicine storage room. If she were to put all the ingredients from the four corners of the room on auction, no one could bid on them if they did not have tens of millions of gold coins.

It was unfortunate that she could only choose one medicinal ingredient. Shen Yanxiao was vexed with the situation as she was used to taking whatever she wanted.

There were at least fifty to sixty different precious medicinal ingredients that she needed for the Blood Banquet Potion.

Shen Yanxiao was discouraged because she had such a hard choice to make.

She had no other option but to open each of the drawers and to make her decision based on the value of the ingredients.

While Shen Yanxiao was disconcerted about the situation, she also discovered some problems with a specific medicinal ingredient called the Baize.

The Baize was a crucial ingredient for the Blood Banquet Potion. Its rarity was similar to an eighth-ranked magical beast.

However, one of the ingredients in the drawer was a little peculiar. The Baize was supposed to be a seven-petal white-colored flower, and the edges of its petals were curved like waves. Even though the Baize she saw had a certain undulation, it looked different, and she found that weird.

Each medicinal ingredient would have fixed characteristics, but the wave of that Baize's edges was not the shape of a regular semi-circle. Instead, it had some sharp edges, but the differences were very subtle. She would not have discovered it if she did not touch and feel it with her hands.

Just as Shen Yanxiao doubted the Baize, Xiu suddenly spoke.

"Why would they have this plant here?"

Xiu's usually cold tone sounded surprised.

Shen Yanxiao stared blankly ahead for a brief moment before she asked, "Xiu, do you know this medicinal ingredient?"

"To be more accurate, this is not a medicinal ingredient. This is a Moling, and it only grows underground, where the devils live. The Devil Clan did not know how to use it for potions, so instead, they would cultivate it with two other types of plant to breed demons."

"A plant from the Devil Clan?" Shen Yanxiao did not expect a plant that looked so similar to Baize would have come from the Devil Clan.

"That's right. Even though this plant looks like some medicinal ingredients from the human realm, it is fundamentally different. The Moling cannot be consumed, and even the Devil Clan, who are highly resistant to poison, would never eat it. This plant has extremely potent toxicity and dark elements. If it were cultivated with the Skeleton Flower and the Flame Flower, it would produce large quantities of dark aura that the Devil Clan used to breed powerful demonic beasts. When a demon consumes the dark elements, they will go through some changes. Those mutant beasts brought a terrifying calamity to this continent during the war between the gods and the devils." Xiu's voice was ice-cold as usual, but at that moment, there was a trace of doubt and curiosity in it.