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316 Replenish Potion 3

 Furthermore, Shangguan Xiao was Pu Lisi's disciple, and thus, a bright future awaited him!

The teachers were amazed by Shangguan Xiao's talents, and they looked at his Replenish Potion repeatedly.

When the spectators learned that Shangguan Xiao had produced a Replenish Potion, all of them exclaimed in shock.

None of them would dare to produce a potion of that level, and they did not even expect that Shangguan Xiao could make that potion with such success.

Pu Lisi looked at Shangguan Xiao in satisfaction. Even though he did not smile, his eyes showed pride over his disciple's success.

Shangguan Xiao was pretty talented in herbalism, or he would not have taken him as his assistant otherwise. He was only 18 years old, but Pu Lisi was confident that Shangguan Xiao would be able to break through to an Advanced Herbalist in ten years. Pu Lisi had also been 28 years old when he became an Advanced Herbalist. Shangguan Xiao would become an influential figure in the Longxuan Empire then.

If Shangguan Xiao could only rely on his abilities to progress his skills, then it would probably take him 15 to 20 years to break through to an Advanced Herbalist.

With Pu Lisi's help, it was only natural that Shangguan Xiao would take lesser detours in his journey.

That was the benefit of having a Great Herbalist as a mentor!

Pu Lisi sneered discreetly. That stinky kid did not know what was good for him and dared to reject Pu Lisi's offer. If Ye Qing had not accepted him so suddenly, he would have learned how foolish he had been when he rejected the offer of a Great Herbalist.

When the teachers saw the Replenish Potion, they had already decided that Shangguan Xiao was the winner of the competition. They did not expect to see another potion that was comparable to his Replenish Potion.

That was why they had been rather casual as they screened through the remaining potions.

None of those potions even came close to Shangguan Xiao's work.

Soon after that, the teachers were done with their assessments of the first nine bottles of potion. Finally, they stood in front of Shen Yanxiao's purple-colored potion and stared at it.

One of the teachers took a glance at the potion and then looked at Shen Yanxiao, who stood at the side.

They had already heard about the wager between Tang Nazhi and Shangguan Xiao. They did not understand why Tang Nazhi would act so crazy as to put all his stakes on the little kid.

The kid was merely a first-year student, and the teachers knew full well about the lessons in the curriculum for first-year students. He might not even have had the chance to produce an intermediate potion.

It was apparent that the teacher was not at all interested in Shen Yanxiao's potion when he merely gave it a casual glance. The other teachers did the same too. They were prepared to identify the junior-level potion so that they could assign the appropriate marks for it.

However, the teachers were baffled when none of them could identify the potion.

Even though they had witnessed the entire process when Shen Yanxiao made the potions, they were still unsure about it. It should have been a failed attempt for a potion, but the scent that the bottle emitted was a refined fragrance. It did not have the same weird smell that a failed concoction would have had.

Furthermore, its color did not look like an unsuccessful potion either.

The potion was so clear and pure that none of the teachers were comfortable enough to mark it as a failed concoction.

However, if it was not a failed potion, how could none of them identify it?