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310 Taking a Leave First 3

 Pu Lisi had wanted to see the kid's progress, but he could not. That made him angry, and he wished that he could tell those teachers to remove the flag in front of Shen Yanxiao that very moment.

Shen Yanxiao had sneakily chosen that table for that very reason.

The spectator tried their best to stretch their neck to peek at the participants' progress. They realized that Shangguan Xiao exceeded the rest of them by a notch in terms of speed and skills.

The students saw how he methodically processed those medicinal ingredients into components needed for concocting the potion, and their eyes were green with envy.

It was not surprising that Shangguan Xiao's skills were good enough to occupy the top position in the Herbalist Division.

It only took him eight minutes to process the 35 ingredients that he had in his hands.

He was also the first one to complete the process for the second round.

Shangguan Xiao had managed to complete the process two minutes before the end of the second round. When he was done, he wiped his hands with a handkerchief and then glared at the busy Shen Yanxiao with arrogance.

"Trash." Shangguan Xiao smirked as he coldly stared at Shen Yanxiao's back.

She needed such a long time to process just a few medicinal ingredients, so how could such trash compare to him?

As time elapsed, another student had completed the process, and it seemed like only Shen Yanxiao was still busy with the task.

There were only thirty seconds left on the clock, but it did not look as if she had any intention to stop.

That caused Lin Xuan and the rest of his group to be secretly worried about her. The rest of the participants had completed the task, and they were only enjoying the show as they looked at the petite figure, who still seemed to be pretty busy.

"There's not much time left. Just admit defeat if you can't do it. No one expects you to win anyway, so why do you pretend like you have the skills to do it?" one of the students, who did not like Shen Yanxiao, shouted at her.

"Even if you lose, you're not the one who's paying, and no one is asking you to leave the Herbalist Division. Why are you still struggling so persistently?" Everyone started to laugh. Even though they were surprised that Shen Yanxiao took first place in the initial round, everything had reverted to normal once the second round started.

For some reason, that kid had managed to grab the required ingredients in such a short time. It was too bad that he could not continue once the competition required him to use his skills.

The mockery jabs from the other participants continued to echo.

Those voices did not hold back with their jeers, and eventually, the spectators heard them too.

Tang Nazhi, who stood amongst the crowd, suddenly clenched his fist and narrowed his eyes before he moved.

The very next second, a slender, fair hand rested on his shoulders to press him down.

Tang Nazhi turned his head in surprise before he saw Qi Xia's fox-like eyes.

"Take it easy. Don't you see that the little guy is completely disregarding those idiots?" Qi Xia held a white-jaded bone in his left hand, and then he swung it around. The corner of his lips blossomed into a perfect smile.

"Why are you here?" Tang Nazhi looked at Qi Xia speechlessly. The rest of the divisions had their monthly competitions on the same day too. He should have been participating in the competition for the Magus Division.

Qi Xia raised his eyebrows and turned to look at Shen Yanxiao in the arena. In a relaxed manner, he said, "I ended things with a single move. How long did you think that took me?"

Tang Nazhi's lips twitched. If Shangguan Xiao's position as the top student in the Herbalist Division were built up slowly, then Qi Xia's abnormal existence would crush the confidence of those in the Magus Division.