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301 Competition 3

 "It's a pity that I did not force them to place a bet too. Otherwise, all of them would be so broke that they would have to lose all of their underwear to me." Tang Nazhi did not feel any pressure. If those fools wanted to win against Shen Yanxiao, they should go back and train for another hundred years or so!

Shen Yanxiao shot a sideways glance at Tang Nazhi, and she was suddenly enlightened. "So, you're interested in your seniors' underwear... I certainly did not expect that."

Tang Nazhi immediately blushed when Shen Yanxiao teased him. He glared at her angrily and said, "You're the one who's interested in their under... bah! You're not even allowed to be interested in those things! I'm as straight as an iron pole, and I like beautiful women who are soft and smell nice!" Did she dare to question his sexuality? It was not something he could forgive so easily!

Shen Yanxiao answered with a long 'oh.'

Tang Nazhi had mentioned the various beautiful ladies in the Saint Laurent Academy to her more than once. He had also talked about how he would woo them in one fell swoop. However, she had not seen him take any real actions.

"Enough!" Tang Nazhi supported his forehead. That little girl was too cheeky.

If she were not a female and a kid who had yet to grow up, he would smack her butt.

Both of them enjoyed a good laugh as they slowly walked toward the center of the arena.

Shen Yanxiao had maintained an air of indifference toward the gazes that had come from all directions.

Since they wanted to watch a good show, she would let them enjoy their heart's content shortly. She hoped that their fragile hearts could withstand what would follow next.

A continuous stream of student participants entered the venue, and the moment they saw Shen Yanxiao, they had an odd look on their faces. When they spotted Tang Nazhi behind Shen Yanxiao, their eyes sparkled even more. It was as if they saw a mountain made of gold.

As the competition was about to start, Tang Nazhi had to leave the venue. So he walked off toward the area reserved for the spectators.

So, Shen Yanxiao had to stand at the center of the arena all by herself.

"Hey, little kid! It must feel pretty great to have the Black Tortoise Family's young master covering your back, right?" One of the participants gave Shen Yanxiao an evil look.

"Don't say that. If it were not for this kid, how would we get gold coins from Tang Nazhi otherwise?" Another student looked at her with a sneer.

None of them dared to run their mouths when Tang Nazhi was there. Since he had left the arena, what did they have to be afraid of when Shen Yanxiao was alone?

She was merely a first-year student, and so they were not worried about her.

Shen Yanxiao ignored those two student's mocking jabs as she waited for Shangguan Xiao to make his appearance.

Other than Shangguan Xiao, those groups of trash were not even worthy of her attention.

Shangguan Xiao finally made his appearance ten minutes before the competition was supposed to start. An old man in black robes walked by his side.

When the teachers responsible for the competition saw the old man, they shuddered and then immediately went to welcome him.

"Great Master Pu Lisi, what prompted your personal visit today?" A few teachers said as they stood respectfully before Pu Lisi.

The way the teachers addressed the old man immediately caused a new wave of commotion.

The Great Herbalist Pu Lisi, who had never stepped out of the library for a long time, had personally made a trip there!

Only the gods knew how long it had been since the Great Herbalists in the library made an appearance anywhere public.

Pu Lisi looked at those teachers coldly before he turned to Shangguan Xiao and said, "Go ahead."

Shangguan Xiao gave Pu Lisi a respectful nod before he made his way to the center of the arena.