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 Shangguan Xiao did not say anything as he was afraid of Tang Nazhi's family and their influence. However, he looked down on anyone who was a second-generation of an aristocratic family.

It was evident that he was incompetent, but he could rely on his family's reputation to enjoy life like an emperor. If he did not have his family to support him, he would be worthless.

He had never seen Tang Nazhi as his rival. His talent in herbalism was unrivaled, and he also had a Great Herbalist as his mentor to guide him.

Under such comparison, Shangguan Xiao felt as if he had grown out of the mud unsullied. He had nothing but contempt for Tang Nazhi.

Shen Yanxiao had noticed the slight trace of scorn on Shangguan Xiao's face.

She had seen the same expression directed at her many times in her previous life. However, that particular gaze was not aimed at her. It was focused on Tang Nazhi instead.

Shen Yanxiao immediately furrowed her eyebrows.

"If you've already registered your name, make way for others and don't obstruct the road," Shen Yanxiao suddenly said.

Everyone else was stupefied the moment she opened her mouth. No one even noticed her presence before that.

Shangguan Xiao also turned toward her when she spoke, but before he could identify who had spoken, his expression darkened.

It was her!

Shangguan Xiao remembered the kid who had embarrassed Pu Lisi repeatedly, and the kid even rejected his invitation mercilessly. He also remembered the fact that the kid was fortunate enough to obtain Ye Qing's favor!

Pu Lisi had been in a lousy mood for those few days because of the kid, and Shangguan Xiao had also received many scolding from him.

The moment he saw Shen Yanxiao, Shangguan Xiao knew that it was finally time to release his pent-up anger.

"Why? Are you thinking about registering too?" Shangguan Xiao sneered.

"So what if I am?" She quirked her eyebrow and smirked. Had he not heard of the saying, a good dog would not block the road?

Shangguan Xiao glared at the little kid before him with contempt as his eyes flooded with hatred.

The other students were all stunned, but they kept their eyes glued to the scene. Why was the kid so rude, and what did he say? Did he say he would participate in the competition too?

Everyone looked at the one-star badge on Shen Yanxiao's chest, and all of them felt ridiculous when they heard Shen Yanxiao's words.

"Oh my god, a first-year little kid is acting so recklessly, and he even wants to participate in the competition?"

"Haha, I'm dying of laughter. Did you hear the tone of his voice when he said that? That brazen kid doesn't know his limit. Who does he think he is to speak to Shangguan Xiao like that?"

"That's right. Even a single strand of hair on Shangguan Xiao's head was better than him."

"As expected of a first-year student, he is inexperienced and ignorant."

Jabs of mockery exploded from the crowd and entered Shen Yanxiao and Shangguan Xiao's ears in a continuous stream.

Shangguan Xiao sneered as he looked at Shen Yanxiao with derision.

Shen Yanxiao snickered, but before she could say anything else, another figure stood before her and blocked her view of those who harbored ill intentions toward her.

"All of you shut the hell up!" Tang Nazhi bellowed with a darkened expression.

The usually noisy Tang Nazhi had cast off his typical cheeky attitude. He had such a fierce expression on his face that everyone there felt fear. He was like a cheetah that lurked in the depths of the forest, and he was ready to rush at them to tear them into many pieces.

Tang Nazhi narrowed his eyes at the frightened crowd as he pulled Shen Yanxiao forward.