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274 Wrong Sequence 3

 It was a method that she had thought of during a practice at the Herbalist Division, and that was to change the sequence of the process to balance the medicinal properties. It was not a complicated method, but she had to have a thorough understanding of each of the medicinal ingredients. Otherwise, not only could she not balance the medicinal properties of the ingredient used, but she would probably also ruin all the other ingredients too.

After he heard Shen Yanxiao's explanation, Luo De's expression changed from uncertainty to one of astonishment.

Make changes in the sequence to reduce the difficulty of the process in producing the potion?

Was she actually capable of such a crazy feat?

One would need to identify which ingredients had the right properties to combine perfectly with another ingredient. One would also need to know the precise quantity to be used in the process - a feat that was usually enough to cause other herbalists to collapse and give up.

Even though her method could prevent the repellence between the medicinal ingredients, one would need to have extreme skills in determining the precise quantity required for the potion and also a thorough understanding of the ingredient's properties.

Luo De was an Advanced Herbalist, and even he would not dare to attempt such a method so haphazardly.

As an herbalist, Luo De only knew of a few others who had similar skills. However, they were all Great Herbalists and beyond! Only those who had reached the epitome of researches in herbalism would have the confidence to change the sequences of medicinal ingredients in a process. Otherwise, they would stand to lose more than they would ever gain.

How old was Shen Yanxiao? She was a mere thirteen-year-old, and she had only been at the Herbalist Division for less than two months.

No matter how talented she was, it was quite impossible for her to reach the same level as the Great Herbalists. Even if she had learned herbalism from the moment she was born, it was simply impossible for one to remember the properties of every single medicinal ingredient amongst thousands and thousands of ingredients.

Luo De could not believe what Shen Yanxiao had said. If she was right, then her understanding of medicinal ingredients was on the same par as the Great Herbalists!

How could that be possible!

Luo De's breathing became labored. He would have to drink Shen Yanxiao's Aura Concealment Potion if he were to verify the status of the potion.

The other students watched helplessly as they waited for Luo De to drink the unidentified potion, and when he did, their hearts almost leaped out of their chests.

Had teacher Luo De gone crazy? He had actually drunk that failed potion!

However, the students' expression changed again soon after that.

Luo De stood only ten feet from where they were, but they could not detect a hint of his aura. If they closed their eyes, they would not have been able to notice Luo De's existence.

The effect of the Aura Concealment Potion was to completely conceal one's aura.

Luo De was dumbstruck when he realized that the potion he that he had drunk was a successful Aura Concealment Potion!

Shen Yanxiao was right! She had managed to preserve the efficacy of the potion despite the change in the process' sequence!

"What's going on? He couldn't have really produced the Aura Concealment Potion, right?" A few students immediately noticed that something amiss with the situation. Luo De's aura had disappeared completely, and that had to have been the effect of the Aura Concealment Potion.

"How could this be? I definitely saw his mistakes when he added the medicinal ingredients!" The students looked at the situation in disbelief. They were unwilling to believe that Shen Yanxiao had successfully produced the potion. However, they also could not question the facts before their eyes.

A bottle of Aura Concealment Potion had managed to crush the confidence of a few arrogant students.

No matter how they looked at the situation, they could not understand how wrong sequences could still lead to the successful production of the Aura Concealment Potion.

They also could not understand how a young first-year student could replicate the production of an intermediate potion from just a single demonstration?