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257 Level 8 Archer 1

 "Does this student wish to enter the Battle Aura Division?" The child before him was, at most, thirteen years old, and the majority of the students entered the division when they were twelve years of age. Even though it was quite late for a student to join the division, it was not impossible.

Xie Yun was momentarily stunned when he realized that the teacher mistakenly thought that Shen Yanxiao was a student who wanted to join the Battle Aura Division.

Xie Yun could not help it, so he laughed. Shen Yanxiao was, indeed, the youngest student in the main branch of the Saint Laurent Academy. It did not surprise him that the teacher would misunderstand the reason they were there that day.

"No, he's a student from the Archer Division."

That teacher looked at young Shen Yanxiao in shock. That student had already broken through the sixth rank and had also chosen his profession as an archer? What kind of talent did he possess? No wonder Xie Yun had decided to bring him there personally.

"He's an extraordinary child indeed," the teacher said with a sigh.

When he looked at Shen Yanxiao, the teacher immediately thought about the fourteen to fifteen-year-old students who still struggled with the fifth rank. The teacher felt emotional when he compared the disparity between those students and Shen Yanxiao.

One could not imagine the difference in talent between a prodigy and an average person.

Shen Yanxiao stroke her nose. Initially, she did not understand how the rank system worked. However, after she enrolled in the Saint Laurent Academy, she was shocked to learn what she had achieved for her age.

"Very well, I shall say no more. Please bring her to the test, and I'll look for Ling Xiao."

Xie Yun left Shen Yanxiao with the teacher while he went in search of the head of the Battle Aura Division for some other matters.

"I'm Fang Xi. Please follow me." Fang Xi looked at Shen Yanxiao with a sense of admiration. He had always treated prominent students at the academy with courtesy.

"Alright." Shen Yanxiao followed Fang Xi obediently, and they walked toward the crowded training grounds.

A group of students had noticed Shen Yanxiao's appearance while they waited in a queue. They were only one or two years older than her, and they looked at her with curiosity.

Fang Xi brought Shen Yanxiao to an appraisal stone, and a student was there to test his rank in battle aura.

As luck would have it, the person there was someone she knew!

Shen Jiawei stood nervously before the appraisal stone, and he cast a glance at Fang Xi. He gulped and then placed his hand on the stone when Fang Xi nodded in approval. He was tested at fourth rank last year, and he wondered if he could break through to the fifth rank after only half a year of training.

The appraisal stone released a faint white luster. As the glow overlapped, Shen Jiawei got increasingly worried.

One layer of glow represented one rank, and it increased until the fifth layer before it finally stopped.

Shen Jiawei revealed a joyous smile.

"It's pretty good to increase one rank in just half a year's time. It looks like you will be able to break through to the sixth rank in another year." Fang Xi looked at Shen Jiawei with satisfaction. He had pretty good talents to be able to break through to the fifth rank at the age of fourteen. It probably would not be difficult for him to reach the sixth rank and to choose a profession after that.

Shen Jiawei's chest immediately puffed with pride as the students around him praised his achievements.