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247 Comrade 3

 Was she put in the world to attack other people's self-confidence?

In his shock and excitement, Tang Nazhi wanted to give Shen Yanxiao a big hug to express his feelings at that moment. However, before he could fling his arms around Shen Yanxiao, Qi Xia grabbed his collar and pulled him back.

"You sneak! What are you trying to do?" Tang Nazhi glared at Qi Xia. He was in a mood. Qi Xia was abnormally strong, and since Shen Yanxiao studied three professions at the same time, it looked that she also had abnormal strength. It was completely insane!

Qi Xia felt the onset of a headache as he dealt with Tang Nazhi. He covered his face with one hand, and said, "Let me remind you once again. Shen Yanxiao is the seventh miss of the Vermilion Bird Family."

"Right, the seventh young... miss?!" Tang Nazhi had a weird expression on his face.

His jaw dropped as he looked at Shen Yanxiao, who wore a smile on her face.

"I think that Tang Nazhi's brain is what we should be worried about the most," Yan Yu rudely said.

"Yes, intelligence is the key." Yang Xi nodded his head in agreement.

Tang Nazhi gulped as his trembling hand slowly grabbed onto Shen Yanxiao. With a stutter, he asked, "Xiao... Xiao... You are... a girl?"

Shen Yanxiao nodded in silence.

"Aww!" Tang Nazhi wailed. He awkwardly covered his face with his two hands as he turned around.

The heavens! Did he sleep with a girl in the same room for two months?

He seemed to remember that he had often hugged the said girl who had dressed as a boy.

"Someone had passed through the flowers, but he was not the least intrigued. How did he not notice Shen Yanxiao's gender?" Yang Xi pretended to sigh as he said that. He tried not to laugh as he put his arms around Yan Yu's shoulders and looked at his comrade in fake contempt.

"Maybe he did it on purpose," Yan Yu said with disgust in his voice.

"I did not do that on purpose!" Tang Nazhi jumped in front of Shen Yanxiao, and he looked as if he was about to cry.

He was not a lecher!

They should give him another chance!

"I understand," Shen Yanxiao said with a giggle. She wanted to laugh as she looked at Tang Nazhi's behavior. She was not bothered by Tang Nazhi's presumed intimacy at all. She was only thirteen years old, and she had not gone through puberty yet. Her chest was as flat as a field.

Tang Nazhi was relieved when he heard Shen Yanxiao's words.

However, Shen Yanxiao had overwhelmed them with knowledge about her identity. Even Qi Xia had to digest it for quite a while before he accepted her unique circumstances.

"Herbalist, archer, warlock, thief goddess. Xiao Xiao, how many more surprises do you have for us?" Qi Xia was back to his usual lazy attitude, and he sat casually on a chair at the pavilion.

"I have no more, for now," Shen Yanxiao said. She thought it was best to not inform them about the Vermillion Bird, Xiu and the seal, and even her future position within the family. She would tell them eventually.

Otherwise, she did not know if those four could handle the other extra information about her.

"If we were to compare you with the other geniuses in the Saint Laurent Academy, those people are now totally useless." Tang Nazhi was still not used to Shen Yanxiao's real identity, and he did not forget to throw a quick glance at the academy's most prestigious magus apprentice, Qi Xia.

"I'm curious now, why did Ouyang Huanyu come to the Warlock Division? It looked as if he wanted to catch you in the act." Qi Xia touched his chin and looked at Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao said, "That was not the first time that he almost catch me, but my teacher managed to help me stop him the last time that happened."