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237 Summoner 2

 The strength of a summoned phantom beast was comparatively different than a contracted magical beast. The strength of the summoner would determine the power of the phantom beast.

The phantom beast was also more fearless because of the strength of its summoner. Furthermore, one could only be contracted to one magical beast in one's lifetime, but a summoner could gather several creatures if they were powerful enough to summon them at the same time.

That was the reason the masses dreaded the warlocks. It was not because they could not defend against their curses effectively, but rather it was because the warlocks could summon extremely powerful creatures to keep their enemies at bay.

According to the Longxuan Empire's Book of History, there lived a level-24 sage summoner. He could summon dozens of phantom beasts, and they were as strong as the high-level magical beasts. Among those phantom beasts was a dragon who could destroy an army of thousands of soldiers. The warlock was unrivaled because he had a large army of those phantom monsters. Even if his enemies deployed thousands upon thousands of mercenaries, alas, they could do him no harm.

Tens of thousands of soldiers were utterly wiped out under the besiege of hundreds of those phantom beasts. The warlocks' reputation rose overnight, and that shocked the entire Brilliance Continent.

"Teacher, are you already a summoner?" Shen Yanxiao asked in astonishment.

It was more difficult for a great warlock to advance their skills to a summoner than a great magus to advance to an archmagus. The Brilliance Continent came with a long history, but even then, only a little more than a dozen of warlocks achieved that status. In a profession where only one person would be able to achieve that status in a hundred years, a Summoner was arguably the most revered status amongst all professions.

Yun Qi raised his head to look at the night sky, and then he lowered his gaze.

"I became the sole Great Summoner in the entire Brilliance Continent ten years ago."

"Great Summoner!!" Shen Yanxiao gasped. One's strength had to be between level nineteen and twenty-one for one to achieve the status of a Great Summoner. Furthermore, anyone with a level-twenty rank was already considered a stellar existence.

Ouyang Huanyu was a Great Archmagus, and that meant that he was probably at level twenty. With his strength and reputation, no one would bat an eye if he were to lord his power over all the heroes in the Longxuan Empire.

How could one imagine that Yun Qi's strength was comparable to Ouyang Huanyu?

Shen Yanxiao stared at the low-profile old man, who led a simple life, in disbelief. She also found it hard to describe her inner-shock.

"What do you think? Not bad for a teacher, right?"

She immediately nodded.

It was not bad. It was definitely not bad at all.

So what if he was the same level as Ouyang Huanyu? One should know that with Ouyang Huanyu's current position, he no longer taught any students of his own. A magus would count their blessing if they could even get a few pointers from him.

At that moment, she had an exclusive teacher whose skills were comparable to Ouyang Huanyu, and he had only her to teach. Everyone would probably turn green with envy if they were to know about that privilege of hers.

"So, he's a Great Summoner. No wonder I couldn't detect his magic." Xiu tried to justify his wrong call of judgment.

"Why do you say that?" Shen Yanxiao asked discreetly.

A Summoner's way of magic was quite strange. Their magic would not differ much from the magi and the priests if they were at level sixteen and below. One could easily detect their magic, and there would not be a huge disparity at all. However, all that would change once a warlock hit level sixteen. As they made their advancement toward the title of a Summoner, a warlock's magic would take a different turn than the other two professions.