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236 Summoner 1

 Shen Yanxiao hesitated for quite some time, but she could not resist Yun Qi's persistence. She had no choice but to cast the curse.

Yun Qi was stunned when he saw a series of seals danced on Shen Yanxiao's fingertips. She had such perfect posture that one would exclaim in admiration. The speed at which the different seals on her fingertips loosen like running water rendered Yun Qi speechless.

If Yun Qi did not know the fact that Shen Yanxiao learned Enervation in less than two months, he would have thought that she had trained for years.

Initially, he suspected that Shen Yanxiao's movements were a lie, and then Yun Qi smiled.

The kid was way more talented than he had expected!

Perhaps, one day, she could really bring the warlocks back to their former glory!

In the blink of an eye, the combination seals came loose. The powerful and mystical Enervation curse had already entangled Yun Qi.

However, Shen Yanxiao was shocked when Yun Qi stood there as if nothing had happened. Even his back did not seem to have the slightest bend.

Had the Enervation curse lost its effect?

"Haha! Kid, you did well! I have nothing to offer for you to improve your Enervation skill." Yun Qi laughed out loud. It had been years since he last felt so delighted.

Shen Yanxiao was stunned, and she looked at Yun Qi with doubtful eyes.

She had seen the effects of the Enervation curse. Yun Qi did not attempt to cancel her curses, so why was he not affected at all?

Did Xiu not confirm that Yun Qi no longer had any traces of magic in him?

"It looks like I have miscalculated. This person has immense strength and power. He might have used some curses to seal the magic within him. With my current capabilities, I might not even be able to break that seal!" Xiu's usually arrogant tone had a slight annoyance to it.

Even Xiu could not tell the level of Yun Qi's strength? Shen Yanxiao was dumbfounded. Xiu could even judge Ouyang Huanyu's power, so how strong was Yun Qi?

"Haha! Xiaoxiao, you don't have to be so surprised. The Enervation curse will not affect anyone who is at least five ranks higher than you. Judging from your current strength, you are at the peak of a middle-ranked warlock. You would not be able to hurt me with your current strength," Yun Qi explained when he saw the surprise on Shen Yanxiao's face.

Five ranks higher than the caster? Shen Yanxiao did the calculation in her mind. A warlock's status changed every three ranks to get to the next level. The students would start as a novice warlock in the first three ranks. Then they became junior warlocks at the fourth to sixth ranks, and from the seventh to the ninth ranks, they would be known as a middle-ranked warlock. That meant that Shen Yanxiao had the strength of, at least, a ninth-ranked warlock. High-ranked warlocks were between the ninth and the twelfth ranks, and finally, it was a slow climb to the fifteenth rank for one to be a senior warlock.

That would mean that Yun Qi was, at least, a fourteenth-ranked warlock.

"Teacher, are you an advanced warlock?" Shen Yanxiao did not hesitate to ask.

Yun Qi looked at Shen Yanxiao, smiled, and said, "Do you know what we call warlocks who surpass the senior warlock rank?"

Higher than a fifteenth-ranked Advanced Warlock? That would make them a Summoner, a title that was the same level as an Archmagus.

When a warlock breakthrough the fifteenth rank and reached the sixteenth rank, they would experience a significant change to their strength and power. Any warlocks below the sixteenth rank could restrict their opponents with any types of curses. A sixteenth-ranked warlock was known as a Summoner. Not only could they use strange curses, but they could also use their blood as a platform to summon powerful phantom beasts from a different universe.