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217 One-Sided Victory 3

 \"What? Why is he a small kid?\" Tang Nazhi grabbed a handful of melon seeds and stuffed them into his mouth. He acted as if there was nothing wrong with a student from the Herbalist Division to appear at an Archer Division's challenge.

\"His age seems to be similar to Shen Jue.\" A certain beast that snuck over from the Priest Division stared at that kid.

\"His physique is about the same too.\" Yang Xi squinted his eyes.

\"Yang Xi, don't you have a challenge today? Why are you here so early?\"

\"I've already finished it.\" Yang Xi shrugged his shoulders.

Tang Nazhi was speechless. Based on the time that Yang Xi had arrived, he must have defeated his opponent in less than three minutes.

\"Other than his appearance, this kid does have some similarities with our dear Xiao Jue.\" Qi Xia leaned against the wall gracefully. He was in deep thoughts as he watched the familiar-looking petite figure.

\"This kid does not look as good as our dear Xiao Jue,\" Tang Nazhi objected furiously.

Qi Xiao rolled his eyes. Shen Jue and the kid in front of them had only one difference, and that was one black spot. It was just one additional black spot on the face, but other than that, both of them had the kind of look that one would forget so easily.

\"Why is Xiao Jue still not here?\" Qi Xia stared at Tang Nazhi. Since both of them lived in the same dormitory, he thought it was unforgivable of Tang Nazhi to not brought him along.

Tang Nazhi looked apologetic when he said, \"I hope he comes. I don't know what he's up to these days. He disappears every day after lunch. It's just so mysterious.\"

Qi Xia furrowed his eyebrows, but he did not say anything else. It looked as if he was hiding something funny.

\"Well, since we have nothing better to do anyway, why don't we have a bet?\" Qi Xia looked at the other three.

\"What are we betting on?\" the trio chorused.

Qi Xia raised his chin to use his lower jaw to point at Shen Yanxiao, who had just walked toward Wan Li. \"Let's bet on whether the student from the red class or the one from the violet class would win the challenge.\"

\"Are you sure?\" Tang Nazhi came to his senses.

\"Hmm... \"


\"Come on! It has been a while since I gambled, so now's the best time to do it!\" Tang Nazhi was eager to start the bet.

Tang Nazhi's voice was so loud that the surrounding students had noticed the presence of those four 'magical beasts'. When they saw that the four of them, who had nothing to do with the Archer Division, was at the shooting range, their jaws dropped. Those four even had the gall to announced their bets so publicly.

Did they not know the meaning of peeping? They were not from the Archer Division, so why were they even there?

Even though they despised their presence, the students from the Archer Division were tempted when they heard that bets were involved. Everyone was hyped when they learned the bet concerned the challenge between Wan Li and Shen Yanxiao.

Did they still have to bet on that? Anyone could guess the winner with their toes!

Since they could easily predict the results, was that not a good chance to earn some extra money?

Students who had not intended to participate, changed their minds when they heard about the bet. They immediately joined the gamble as they waved their wallets and screamed.