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212 You Want a Fight? Ill Give You One! 1

 He actually agreed!

Everyone who stood at the side was stunned. No one believed that Shen Yanxiao would react to Wan Li's provocation.

\"Is this little kid's brain only for show? Could he be a nut head? Wan Li is the most talented student in our group, and even teacher Xie Yun had complimented him. And he wanted to challenge Wan Li? This is the biggest joke of the year.\"

Wan Li was pretty well-known among the first-year students, and many people knew of his existence.

If Meng Yiheng was the most well-known figure in the entire Archer Division, then Wan Li was the most outstanding talent among the first-year students.

Wan Lin even stood out among the group of talented students in the violet class.

Furthermore, Xie Yun had praised Wan Li in public not too long ago.

However, who was Xie Yun? He was the head of the Archer Division, and he was also the one who possessed the most strength there!

Other than Meng Yiheng, Wan Li was the only other person who had received Xie Yu's praise in the entire Archer Division.

One could see Wan Li's talent in archery just from that alone.

\"Stop joking. This kid must be brainless. Look at his tiny arms and legs. It would probably be difficult for him even to pull a bow.\"

\"A student from the red class is challenging someone from the violent class. This is like a miracle!\"

Everyone thought that Shen Yanxiao was a little mentally unsound, and that was why she accepted Wan Li's challenge. How did a student from the red class even have the courage to accept a challenge from someone in the violet class?

Therefore, everyone believed that Shen Yanxiao was crazy!

Wan Li was somewhat shocked by Shen Yanxiao's answer. However, he smiled after he recovered from his confusion.

He thought that the kid could have taken the easy way out, and yet he stupidly insisted on barging his way into hell.

Did he think he was infallible just because he bought an expensive bow? As an archer, how could Wan Li not have noticed the lack of calluses on Shen Yanxiao's smooth hands? It was evident that the kid had no skills in archery. Which archer did not have calluses on their hands as a result of their hard work? Then he looked at the kid's small arms and legs; his footing even seemed unstable. How could he shoot a powerful arrow if he had no strength in his arms?

If Shen Yanxiao did not have an Archer Division's badge on her chest, Wan Li would never have pegged her for an archer.

Someone like the kid actually dared to accept Wan Li's challenge? He must have overestimated his abilities!

Since the kid was not afraid of embarrassment, Wan Li thought he would not mind to cause him more shame.

\"Very well. I will see you at the shooting range this weekend. I hope that you won't renege on our challenge.\" Wan Li did not even think of Shen Yanxiao as a worthy opponent. Even though his talent was inferior to Meng Yiheng, he was confident that no other first-year student was more talented than him.

Otherwise, Xie Yun would never have praised him in public.

Wan Li was secretly pleased with himself, and he was proud to get Xie Yun's praise. However, he was unaware that the particular little kid who he looked down upon was actually the genius that Xie Yun had made an exception to squeeze into the division.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. She noticed the ridicule and Wan Li's complacent attitude, but so what?

\"Of course, I will be punctual.\" Shen Yanxiao smiled and walked past Wan Li without any care.

She would make him regret his actions that weekend!

Shen Yanxiao did not immediately return to her dormitory. Instead, she stayed in the Archer Division's library until late at night. She only left when the teacher who kept guard there chased her out.

Even so, she still did not return to her dormitory and took advantage of the darkness of the night to sneak into the Archer Division's shooting range.

The moon hung high in the sky, and the students at the Archer Division had all returned to their dormitory to rest. The pitch-black, vast shooting range was empty.

Shen Yanxiao activated the light crystals in the shooting range, and the place was, once again, illuminated.