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201 Crushing you with gold coins 2

 Everyone expected Shen Yanxiao to be shocked or bothered by the price of the bow, so they were puzzled when she was not. She even immediately reached into her space ring. It was apparent that she wanted to take out the money to purchase that bow.

"Don't tell me that this kid is really buying this bow?" Wan Li smiled as he looked forward to a good show. He also thought that the price was too high for that bow. It was not made from mercury wood, nor was it embedded with any magical core. No one would buy it at that price unless they had nothing better to do.

"Do you honestly think that this kid can afford three million gold coins? Do you have your head screwed on tight? I think it's good enough if he even has thirty gold coins."

Shen Yanxiao ignored their mocking. She removed the space ring from her finger and then started to pour the gold coins onto the floor.

Heaps of gold coins poured down like rain, and the clanking sounds resounded throughout the entire second floor.

Wan Li and the rest of them were dumbfounded. They were puzzled by the gold coins that poured down endlessly from the space ring to eventually form a small mountain on the floor.

There was no sound on the second floor, except for the sound of the gold coins as they rained from the space ring. No one dared to speak.

It was an unbelievable turn of events!

Even if you beat Wan Li and Meng Yiheng to their death, they would never expect the little kid who looked like a penniless beggar to build a mountain of gold with a wave of his hands.

As the mountain of gold began to pile up higher, Wan Li and the other two young men's views of the world collapsed.

Who thought that the kid was a penniless beggar? He was clearly a rich man!

The pile of gold coins was up to their calves, but the gold coins continued to pour from the space ring.

Wan Li and Meng Yiheng's faces turned pale, then green, and then finally, purple.

Only the gods knew how many gold coins were stored in that space ring!

The shop assistant panicked when he realized that the second floor was almost flooded with gold coins, and he quickly dashed out from behind the counter. He went to Shen Yanxiao's side to turn the space ring upward.

"Young master! Please show some mercy, young master. If you continue to pour the gold coins, I'm afraid the whole second floor will be flooded." The shop assistant broke out in a cold sweat, and he really wanted to slap himself in the face.

He boasted about his foresight, but he did not even suspect that the plain-clothed kid was the richest of the bunch!

The shop assistant wanted to cry, and he wished that he could hug Shen Yanxiao's feet. Why did she have to be so low-key? Her appearance led him to treat her like a penniless beggar. If she did not take a fancy to the bow, the shop would have lost a big customer due to his foolishness.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. Did he not say that he wanted to collect money for the payment? She only followed his instructions, so why did those people look so pale? The shop assistant also sweated profusely, as if he thought that she would eat him.

"Young master, I'm so sorry, but I'm afraid that our shop cannot store this much gold coins. Why don't I accompany you to the bank and ask for the staff there to help you with exchanging your gold coins with a crystal card? It would be easier for your future purchases too." That was the first time that the shop assistant saw someone saved their gold coins in a space ring instead of in the bank. Even though they had a big shop, the three million gold coins would probably collapse the whole shop. How would they continue to operate their business if that were to happen?