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196 Costly Bow 3

 No matter how ignorant she was, Shen Yanxiao knew that the mercury bow was one of a weapon of the highest grade.

However, her jaw nearly dropped to the floor when she saw the price tag.

1.3 million gold coins!

The price of that bow was enough to pay for all the weapons on the first floor!

Of course, the price of a highest-grade weapon was enough to make one wanted to vomit blood.

Shen Yanxiao discreetly counted the money in her space ring. After she plundered the state treasury, she should have at least one to two million gold coins in it. However, it was still a painful amount of money for her!

It seemed like it had been forever since she spent a single penny for something she liked!

As a thief, it was a shameful thing to do if one had to purchase something with money!

However, as Shen Yanxiao thought about it, she decided that if she were to steal it, no one could guarantee what would happen. After all, the bow had very distinctive characteristics, and she could not possibly keep it forever without using it. If someone found the bow in her possession, how could she still hung around at the Saint Laurent Academy after that?

'I'll just have to buy this then.' Shen Yanxiao sighed. Even though she did not feel any resonance toward the bow as what Xiu had described to her, she was still excited about it.

She had a skill book in her hand, and it annoyed her that she could not use it because she did not have a suitable bow.

She thought that she should just use that bow first. Plus, she had borrowed a lot of gold coins from the state treasury.

"This is barely enough." Xiu's voice did not reveal any emotions, but it carried a trace of reluctance.

Shen Yanxiao almost vomited blood. The mercury bow had two magical cores embedded in it, but it only barely met his standards? Also, what was with that tone of dissatisfaction?

'This little plaything isn't cheap, alright!'

When Shen Yanxiao was about to pay for the bow, the second floor finally welcomed its second customer.

"Senior Meng, what a coincidence, I didn't expect to see you here." A voice flattered.

Along with that voice, a casually-attired Meng Yiheng appeared on the second floor with two young men at his side.

The two young men who followed Meng Yiheng were the two idiots who mocked Shen Yanxiao when she was on the first floor.

Meng Yiheng wore a blank expression on his face. It was as if he was used to that type of flattery. Of course, he was the top student in the Archer Division, and so he was long-used to the praises and admiration.

"Which kind of bow is Senior Meng looking for this time?" the young man named Wan Li tried to ask. He was a new student at the Archer Division, and he had long heard about Meng Yiheng's reputation and idolized him. He did not expect to see the subject of his admiration that day, and since Meng Yiheng was rather polite, he decided to follow him onto the second floor.

"I'll just take a look around first." Meng Yiheng did not have a pleasant expression on his face. When he failed the previous test, he was dropped from the violet class, and he got into the red class instead. He had never been in a red class before, and so it was quite unbearable for him. Fortunately, the Saint Laurent Academy had a rule where any student who was confident enough about their skills could challenge another student from another class at the end of each week. If they were to win the challenge, then they could take that student's place in that class.

It only took Meng Yiheng two weeks to successfully switch from his initial red class to his previous violet class.

Meng Yiheng scanned the weapons on the second floor, and his gaze immediately landed on the Mercury Wood Bow, which was not far from where he stood. As an archer, he knew about the rarity of the mercury wood. Thus, he walked over there without any hesitation.