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186 Catch the Warlock 2

 "The oppression on warlocks in Brilliance Continent is too severe. I don't even think that a single warlock can be so frightening. Aren't warlocks part of the occult community too? Why are the magi and priests more acceptable than the warlocks if they use practice magic too?" Tang Nazhi had his hands intersected behind his head. He did not quite understand Ouyang Huanyu's actions.

"This is all because of something that happened many years ago. At that time, two of the three best warlocks betrayed the light magic's teachings and used living humans to develop some forbidden magic." Yan Yu furrowed his eyebrows. Even though he did not have any hostility against warlocks, he was rather disgusted with that period of history.

"Ah Yu, what exactly happened that year? Your family should have records of it, right?" Tang Nazhi asked.

The White Tiger family was well-renowned for their healing capabilities, and they knew things that the ordinary people did not.

Yan Yu hesitated for a moment and slowly said, "Warlocks were as respected as magi back then, and there were many who learned black magic in the Longxuan Empire. Even though the power of curses was not the same as how a magus could release instant destructive attacks, its unusual effects were highly regarded by the aristocratic and the royal families."

"I heard that the warlocks cast curses to toy with their opponent?" Tang Nazhi quirked his eyebrow.

Yan Yu nodded.

"That's right. If magus is a human cannon, then the warlocks are the poison gas that can kill silently. No one knows when a warlock would attack, and be it the army or a group of personal bodyguards, they always involved a large number of warlocks. They would often conduct things in secret." Warlocks never had a positive reputation, to begin with, and no one how to defend against them effectively too. Thus, they became a headache for many people.

"What's with the forbidden magic that you mentioned?" Tang Nazhi questioned continuously, not unlike a curious child.

"I'm not sure of the specifics, but in involved two warlocks who captured a few experts in the Brilliance Continent. They attempted to use their captives' battle aura and magic to do something for them." Alas, even Yan Yu did not know much about that topic. Even though he was the young master of the White Tiger Family, there were things that he could only access when he became the family head.

"A bunch of old and stubborn people. I'm sure there are good and bad warlocks. Just because a couple of degenerates did something wrong doesn't mean that we have to lump all the warlocks with them." Tang Nazhi was upset with what he had learned.

"That isn't something that we can meddle in. Instead, I wonder how they will test us later. According to what I know, they can only check the battle aura and magic within us to determine which path we had trained in. The only method that they can use to conduct such a large scale check would be to rely on the Aura Stone and the Magic Stone," said Yan Yu.

"Say, if they found the warlock, what would happen to him?" Tang Nazhi looked at the other students. He had a feeling that if the person were identified, then the person would not be able to stay at the Saint Laurent Academy any longer.

"Who knows." Yan Yu shrugged his shoulders. He had always been unconcerned about other people's matters.

As Shen Yanxiao who stood beside them and heard the contents of their discussion, her mood fell to the pits.

She initially thought that the worst-case scenario of that situation was that they would find a thief in the academy. She did not expect that the incident would turn into a search for a warlock. If she had known that the curses she cast would leave fragments behind, it would have been faster if she had just stolen the antidotes. As she analyzed the situation, she knew that the Saint Laurent Academy would not let her off so easily. She noticed that the students there were openly hostile toward warlocks, and she could not guarantee that they would not trample her to her death once they figured out her identity.