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185 Catch the Warlock 1

 The public square immediately quieted down when Ouyang Huanyu slowly walked onto the high platform. Everyone's gaze focused on the most authoritative person in the academy.

"Everyone has done so well in this test. I hope that all of you can progress much higher next year." Ouyang Huanyu looked at the students with a gentle yet awe-inspiring smile.

"However, an accident had occurred during this test, and due to that, some students did not obtain their desired results."

Ouyang Huanyu's speech caused an uproar amongst the students.

Everyone thought that the most recent test was the most screwed up test in the academy's history. Due to the potion restriction, the majority of the students were eliminated before they could even display their real abilities. Cao Xu's and Meng Yiheng's team's defeat were the most tragic ones of all. However, Ouyang Huanyu mentioned that an accident had happened during the test.

What was the accident?

As she stood beside Qi Xia and the rest of the group, Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. She had a bad feeling about what was to happen.

"This should have been a collaborative test for the Magus, Herbalist, Swordsman, Priests, Archer, and Knight divisions. Yet, by chance, we discovered a person who did not belong to any of these six divisions." Ouyang Huanyu's smile faded, and his keen eyes gazed across the students as he continued to say, "During this test, the teachers discovered two students with corrosive magic fragments in their bodies. As you are well aware, only curses cast by a warlock would leave corrosive magic fragments. So, we deduced that there is a warlock who disguised himself as a student from one of our divisions, and he had used curses to attack our students."


"To think that there is a warlock in our academy!"

"Oh god, this is too scary. That person wouldn't attack us, right?"

"Did the warlock attacked Cao Xu and the rest of them? Was that why they got eliminated?"

Ouyang Huanyu's words immediately led to panic among the students. They were already quite apprehensive toward warlocks. Then they learned that a dangerous character had hidden amongst them, and two students had already been attacked.

The Brilliance Continent had been demonizing warlocks for a long time, and that had caused everyone to fear the warlocks.

Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth. She finally understood why Bai Ling had questioned them like that. They had discovered her existence because she did not realize that curses would leave magic fragments behind. Her lack of understanding of warlocks was a disadvantage to her.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes at the panic that the students felt at the mere mention of a warlock. Their fear of warlocks was evident and apparent. Since Ouyang Hanyu had brought up the issue, she presumed that he would not let the matter rest either.

Just as she believed, Ouyang Hanyu continued to say, "This person's actions had threatened the safety of our students. So, to find this person, we will be conducting a search on all of you. I hope that everyone will cooperate with us."

The students relaxed when they heard that the dean would search for the warlock. No one wanted a dangerous character so close to themselves.

They knew nothing about warlocks. They only knew what they heard from their families, and that was how warlocks used to curses to conduct cruel and forbidden research.

"It's an exaggeration to mobilize so many people for just a single warlock." Qi Xia looked at the excited crowd, but he felt rather underwhelmed about the situation.