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180 Return 2

 Qi Xia and Shen Yanxiao invited Yang Xi and Yan Yu to join them, and they had their fill of tasty food and drinks to fill their tummies. As for their other team member who was still in dreamland, they completely forgot about him. When Tang Nazhi finally had enough of sleeping and went to them to get food, he discovered that those four bastards had already eaten while he slept.

Furthermore, those shameless bastards did not even leave any food for him. Tang Nazhi could only chew on steamed buns.

The seven-day test ended with a bang. All the students rested at the encampment for another day and then boarded the carriage to return to the Saint Lauren Academy.

After so many days in the wild, the students immediately burrowed into their dormitories the moment they reached the academy.

The results of the test would be announced three days later, and it was vacation time for the students until then.

Shen Yanxiao was cooped up in her dormitory during that period, and she practically hugged the sheepskin notebook as she studied it. The two combination curses that she did had such significant effects, and so she wondered about how powerful she could be if she were to learn more of those.

The empty Warlock Tower also welcomed an important visitor.

The man-in-charge at the tower frowned at the uninvited Ouyang Huanyu. It was weird that the dean, who had hundreds of important matters to attend to every day, would grace him with his presence twice in a month. It was rare occurrences indeed.

"Why are you here again?" the old man asked rudely.

Ouyang Huanyu was long accustomed to the old man's tone and did not mind that one bit. As he looked at the books that were preserved in excellent conditions around his surroundings, he smiled and said, "The class allocation test for this year had just ended."

"What does that got to do with me?" The old man snorted unhappily. How long had it been since the Warlock Division even had a student? He had not had anything to do with that test since a long time ago.

"I received some interesting news two days ago, and I wanted to come and share it with you." Ouyang Huanyu remained unmoved.

"I am not interested."

"Do not be so quick to reject me. I believe that you will be interested in this piece of news." Without asking for the old man's permission, Ouyang Huanyu sat down on a small stool. He looked at the old man with his hands crossed.

"If you have something to say, say it quickly. I do not have the time to chat with you." If he were not living under someone else's roof, he would be too lazy even to see Ouyang Huanyu's face.

"During this test, the teachers from the Magus Division discovered something weird. It seems like fragments of corrosive magic had appeared in the bodies of two students," said Ouyang Huanyu.

There was a slight change to the old man's expression, but he managed to suppress it in time.

"So what?"

"So what?" Ouyang Huanyu quirked his eyebrows. "Only a warlock's curse would leave corrosive magic fragments in a human's body. It is evident that there is a warlock among those students. He concealed himself among them, and he even attacked them! How do you think I should deal with this? The teachers are anxious, like birds easily startled by the mere twang of the bow. They insist on finding the identity of this person. You are well aware of everyone's impression of warlocks, and you understand the consequences if we were to identify this student."

Warlocks had the worst reputation in the Brilliance Continent. Any slight disturbance from them would conjure fear in everyone's mind.