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175 God of Magus 3

 Ling Yue's eyes swept across the statistics, but he did not notice any problems with it. He did not understand why the teachers' expressions were so intense.

"Evaluate them based on the time they were eliminated will do."

Those teachers looked at each other before they depressingly said, "We wanted to, but there are a few batches of students who had been eliminated at the same time. Furthermore, each batch consists of around hundreds of students. How are we to differentiate and assess them?"

They could not possibly give the same grades to hundreds of students, could they?

If that were the case, then the last few classes of all divisions would be filled up to the capacity.

"What's going on?" Ling Yue was also struck dumb. There was nothing wrong with getting eliminated halfway into the test, but it was somewhat strange when hundreds of students got eliminated at the same time.

"You have probably forgotten, but have we not been frequently bringing out large batches of students from the Obscured Forest?" One of the teachers had a sour expression on his face.

"I remember." Ling Yue remembered that they would frequently encounter large batches of students who had been frozen into blocks of ice and would require the teachers to bring them back to the encampment with magic.

"It's all because of your good student, Qi Xia's doing. I'm not sure where they got that idea from, but they had gathered their preys in the same area. After they were satisfied with the number of students, Qi Xia would cast Blizzard and freeze over hundreds of students into ice blocks in a matter of minutes."

Those students were eliminated at the same time, and the teachers could not differentiate their grades.

Ling Yue's jaw dropped at that information. He had been so busy with the warlock investigation that he did not pay attention to the students in the test.



Ling Yue thought that it was a joke. That was high-grade magic that only an advanced magus could use. How old was Qi Xia? How did he become an advanced magus?

"Are you sure you have not seen that wrongly?" Ling Yue was still skeptical. Even though Qi Xia broke through to the level of an intermediate magus at the age of fourteen, it was too unbelievable for him to have progressed to an advanced magus in two years!

Even Ling Yue took seven to eight years before he advanced to an advance magus and his teacher had praised his speed back then.

What if the time to achieve that was shortened to two years?

Throughout the entire Longxuan Empire, there was probably only the super genius Ouyang Huanyu who could achieve that result.

"We can confirm. Furthermore, according to those students, Qi Xia did not chant when he cast Blizzard."

"He did not chant?" Ling Yue's eyes nearly popped out.

There was only one possibility if the magic did not require chanting, and that was the magus's level had exceeded the grade of the magic. Blizzard was high-grade magic, and for one to cast it without chanting, then that could only mean...

Great Magus?!

Ling Yue gasped and nearly fainted.

"Are... are you joking with me? A sixteen-year-old great magus... oh god. If this were true, that Qi Xia's future achievements will surely surpass our dean!" Ling Yue grasped at his chest as he found the news hard to digest.

Not that he did not believe what they had said, but the content of that information was also too absurd. For one to advance from an intermediate magus to an advanced magus was already hard to believe. If he had directly advanced to a great magus...

Oh god! Was Qi Xia trying to break the records?