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173 God of Magus 1

 Ling Yue looked at Tang Nazhi and Shen Yanxiao with a complicated expression. Even though his doubts were not completely eliminated, it had lessened considerably. He also found it hard to believe that a genius in their midst had advanced to an intermediate-level warlock at the age of thirteen. If that was true, would he not be stronger their academy's dean, Ouyang Huanyu?

"Indeed, you are the young master of the Black Tortoise Family. It is good that you did not waste the two years in vain." Ling Yue praised Tang Nazhi's achievement and believed their explanation at that time.

Tang Nazhi smiled as he puffed his chest and accepted the praise without a guilty conscience.

"Leave the badges that you have seized, but keep your own. We will compute your results with the number of badges that you have," said Ling Yue.

Shen Yanxiao's team complied with the request and placed their badges on five silver plates respectively. After they had handed them over, Ling Yue said a few more words before he allowed them to leave the tent.

"What do you think?" After they had left, Ling Yue looked at the other teachers.

Those teachers had pretended to read, but they had also pricked their ears to listen in on their conversation earlier. There were no outsiders in the tent then, so there was no need for them to continue with the pretense.

"Their words are quite credible." One teacher placed the book down as he looked at Ling Yue, and said, "We are well aware that Tang Nazhi had made preparations for a long time to enter the Herbalism Division. Even though the formula for the antidote was somewhat complicated, it is not something rare. It made sense that his previous teacher might have taught him similar formulas."

Ling Yue did not say anything else. He looked at Kang Si and Na Ken as they stood at the side. The warlock had ambushed the teams that they were responsible for during the test, so they had a say in the investigation.

Kang Si stood at the conference table and looked through the badges that Shen Yanxiao had handed in. After a moment, he shifted his attention to the other four plates.

"I did not find any magical resonance among their spoils of war." Every teacher had left perception magic on the badges, and there would be some magical resonance when they approached them. Kang Si had checked through those badges one by one but did not find any traces of familiar magical fluctuation.

Evidently, the badges from Cao Xu's team were not among those on the table.

Na Ken also went over there and checked with the same method as Kang Si. He got the same result as Kang Si.

"Ling Yue, do you suspect the student named Shen Jue?" After Qi Xia's team came in, Na Ken noticed Ling Yue's attention was on that little student called Shen Jue.

Ling Yue nodded.

"Previously, I also found him to the most suspicious among the five of them. After all, there are two herbalists in this team, and as the young master of the Black Tortoise Family, Tang Nazhi would never become a warlock. It's the same for the other three. However, Shen Jue is only a member from one of the branches in the family. It is not impossible for him to have studied discreetly to become a warlock." It was not that Ling Yue was paranoid, but Shen Yanxiao's team was the first team to have produced the potion. Furthermore, the number of their members who needed the antidote also matched the number of stolen antidote.

Kang Si furrowed his eyebrows and said with uncertainty in his voice, "But he's only thirteen years old. Even if he is the most suspicious one, it is absolutely impossible for him to become an intermediate warlock at such a young age."