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170 Exposed? 1

 Ling Yue led Shen Yanxiao's team directly to the tent where the teachers usually held their meetings. When they got there, Shen Yanxiao noticed a couple of familiar faces amongst the teachers that she did not know.

Kang Si and Na Ken were seated in the tent. When Shen Yanxiao's team walked in, they looked up briefly before they turned their attention back to their books. No one seemed to notice their arrival as the other teachers were busy with their various tasks.

Ling Yue glanced at his team of five students. Most of the students' results had been calculated, and many students had been eliminated. They would be graded based on the duration that they managed to stay in the Obscure Forest, and the students who had managed to seize some badges would have completely different results.

Some of the teams had only managed to get a few badges throughout those seven days, and each of those students would have, at most, one to two badges with them. As for the slightly more powerful teams, they had dozens of badges with them, and most of them had only managed to get the antidote during the last few days of the test. Some teams also had no lack of badges, but internal strifes plagued them after they recovered their strengths.

The swordsmen and magi wanted to claim the majority of the badges that their team had managed to seize, while the priests and herbalists had only one or two badges to their name. Most of those teams decided not to distribute the badges in their hands equally among their team members. After the swordsmen and magi recovered their strengths and abilities, they did not care much for their priest and herbalist teammates. The priests and herbalists did not have the skills, nor the courage to go against their other team members. They could only contend with whatever leftovers the team gave them.

Some of the teams did not even leave a single badge for the priests and herbalist teammates. Some even went as far as to attack their weaker teammates for their badges.

The problems within the teams had gradually surfaced near the end of the test, and the number of students sent to the medical tent had also increased. The teachers were troubled with how the test had progressed.

Ling Yue stared at the five students in front of him. The team consisted of a magus, a swordsman, a priest, and two herbalists. Within the group, only Qi Xia and Yang Xia could fight. Even though Yan Yu was also very powerful, he was not their opponent. As for Tang Nazhi and Shen Jue, they were only first-year students of Herbalist Division and did not possess any fighting skills.

The three of them would not have had the power to resist if Qi Xia and Yang Xi were to stake their claims on the majority of the badges.

They might distribute some of the badges to Yan Yu and Tang Nazhi if they were to consider the reputation of the five great aristocratic families. Since Shen Jue was part of the smaller branch of the Vermillion Bird Family, they could decide not to give him any of the badges.

However, it was interesting to note that the five of them had an equal number of badges between them. There was also no sign that anyone had taken any badges by force. Ling Yue even discovered that the youngest member of the team, Shen Jue, had several badges more than the rest of the team.

It was a rare scene that one would never see with the other teams.

The weakest member of the team was the one with the most badges?

There were only two possibilities for that situation. Firstly, Shen Jue could be a concealed expert. Secondly, the team was far more harmonious than everyone had expected.