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169 End of Test 3

 Cao Xu and Qi Xia were two of the students who represented the highest level of achievements in each division. During the test, the academy's elites had gathered into two teams. However, both teams had come to two completely different results.

Cao Xu's team had suffered a miserable defeat while Qi Xia's team were victorious and their return was met with cheers and applause.

The students from the Swordsman and the Archer Divisions no longer dared to provoke students from the Magus Division. Those students used to mock those who had only weak defense capabilities. However, since Cao Xu and Qixia had such a huge difference in their results, how could they not be embarrassed?

"Don't vie for the number one spot if you do not have the capability for it. If that person did not quit school midway, how could Cao Xu be the top student of our division? What a joke."

"I know, right. If that person were still here, we would not have lost face like this."

"When the tiger is not home, the monkey claims itself as the king. What can we do about it?"

Unconcealed voices of contempt entered Cao Xu's ears. He gritted his teeth fiercely and glared at those students who walked past his tent. He knew that his division had never regarded him as the top student there. Everyone claimed that he took advantage of the empty spot and managed to force his way up.

"Damn it! How could I fall into this plight if someone had not played a trick on me?!" Cao Xu gnashed his teeth angrily. His teacher, Kang Si, had informed him that someone had cast a curse on him in secret. That was why he had mysteriously lost those badges.

Kang Si had decided to tell him what had happened because he was worried that Cao Xu would be mentally affected by that failure. He had also warned him not to reveal the issue to other people.

However, there was only hatred in his heart. He knew that only warlocks could cast curses. It was evident that someone among the students had concealed their identity as a warlock and lurked among them. That person was the one who had landed him in that terrible circumstance!

If not for that warlock, he would never have been reduced to a laughing stock!

One day, he would find out who that hateful warlock was, and he would dismember him into pieces!

Cao Xu managed to get some information about the warlock from Kang Si. Teachers from the academy had yet to identify that person. They only knew that he had attacked the students, but he did not deliberately injure anyone. All the teachers at the encampment tried to search for that warlock with great efforts.

"Warlocks. As expected, they are garbage who should now have existed in the Brillance Continent." Cao Xu narrowed his eyes. He knew that the warlock who entrapped him must be among the students and he would give his utmost to find that bastard. He wanted to uncover that garbage's camouflage and to expose him to everyone so that they could spurn at that disgusting and despicable profession!

Cao Xu quietly determined that he would investigate that guy's identity, no matter what. He would make that garbage understand that he had made a huge mistake when he provoked him.

"Garbage, just wait for your doomsday."

"Ah-choo!" Shen Yanxiao suddenly sneezed. She rubbed her eyes and then looked at the students who still argued about the strongest student, then at the four Buddha-like figures who stood at her side.

The three students, who had triggered the fight, followed behind Ling Yue leisurely. It was as if they had no care for the noises around them.