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168 End of Test 2

 "Furthermore, not only can Qi Xia use high-level magic, but he did not even need to chant when he released the spell."

"How is that possible?"

"What's so impossible about it? You can go and ask him yourself if you don't believe it."

"Savage, very savage."

"That's right, as the number one in our Magus Division, of course, he would have to be sav... no, that's called valiant, okay!"

"What, so only the top student of the Magus Division is awesome? I heard that Yan Yu had cast a large scale light shield as protection so that Qi Xia would have the time to cast the spell." The priest who had heard the magus as he bragged about their division decided to speak his piece.

"If you can, you should ask your division's top student to break Yan Yu's light shield. It won't shatter even if he exhausted himself to death!"

"What's so great about your division's top student with fragile defenses? Have you ever seen a knight who can run faster than a mount? That's the boss in our Knight Division! He doesn't even have to fight, but he can make you vomit blood as he strolled around you!" The students from the Knight's Division decided to chip in the conversation.

"Wow, there's still a need to stroll around? Do you believe that a single ice blade is sufficient to kill you?"

"Do you think that only a magus is capable? If you're so capable, why don't you use your ice blade to cut through our shield? A single shield can crush you to death!"

"You two can continue to brag all you want. Without the support of a priest, you'll just exhaust yourselves eventually."

Students from the three divisions joined the discussion as they bragged about how powerful the number one student in their division was. If there were no teachers around them, they probably would have started a fight in the encampment.

As for the students from the Archer and Swordsman Division, they had to silently watch as Shen Yanxiao's team flushed with success, and then looked at Cao Xu and Meng Yiheng who had been hiding in their tent ever since they returned to the encampment. They had also refused to see anyone since then. They could only grip their fist as they suffer their grief.

They were also the top students in their division, but while the other team returned with a rewarding journey, they had been the first team to be eliminated in the test.

Cao Xu's team's defeat had been spread around the encampment. Everyone found it hard to believe that the first team eliminated was a widely recognized super team. There were three top students in the team, with a second-ranked and a top ten student, so how did they get kicked out first?

The other team was also led by three top students, and they even brought along two first-year students with them. However, they managed to sweep the whole test without any pressure. The badges that hung on Qi Xia and his team was bright enough to blind them.

Qi Xia and his team received countless revered gazes while Cao Xu's team had endured many scornful looks.

Cao Xu tightened his fists as he stood in his tent and looked at Qi Xia's team through the cracks. He could imagine how those students in the Swordsman Division would mock him!

Ever since he returned to the encampments, Cao Xu had stayed in his tent and refused to meet anyone else. It was the day the test had ended, and all of the students had returned to the encampment. Even though he had shut himself inside the tent, he could still hear everyone else's open discussions.

"Ah, what a sorry sight. Just look at the top students from the Magus, Knight, and the Priest Divisions, and then take a look at our division's top student. The other team had returned triumphantly, but ours was an embarrassment!" One of the swordsmen lamented as he bit into the apple he had in his hand.