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163 Prank 3

 The more they thought about it, the more afraid they were. Ultimately, they determined that it was a trap and decided to escape without a care for their teammates who had collapsed on the ground. They feared that the four people who they thought only pretended to be asleep would suddenly spring up to grab them.

Shen Yanxiao was baffled when she saw that the other three students had run away frantically. She then stroke her nose depressingly.

Just like that, and they were gone?

She had been prepared to obtain more badges, though.

She was sure she had been discreet when she made her hand gestures, and her opponents would never have noticed that she was the reason the two had collapsed onto the ground in front of her.

However, why did they run away just like that?!

Three of her 'badges' had run away for no reason at all. Shen Yanxiao held her chin with one hand and picked up a twig with another. She used it to fiercely jabbed at the swordsman who was foaming at his mouth.

"No one asked you to rob me."

"No one asked to be so cocky."

"No one asked you not to know what's good for you."

"No one asked you to embarrass thieves."

She jabbed the twig harshly on his face, again and again. His already-ugly face was covered with red spots from the jabs.

Shen Yanxiao exhaled deeply. As she looked at the two unfortunate bastards on the ground, her eyes suddenly flashed with a nasty idea. She removed the Enervation curse from both of them, and then she cast an Illusion Construct curse on the still-fainted priest. She then left a slow curse on the swordsman to restrict his movements.

The swordsman eventually woke up groggily. He felt a little chilly as he stirred. When he opened his eyes, he saw that the priest from his team had straddled his waist shamelessly, and his clothing had also been stripped clean!

"You... what are you doing!!" The swordsman glared in disbelief at the priest who straddled him and then stared at the priest's incomparably wicked smile in fear.

"Hehe..." The priest had a sly smile on his plain face as he lovingly reached out to touch the swordsman's chest.

"Ahhhh!!!" The swordsman immediately screamed.

Shen Yanxiao sat silently on the side and watched as the priest who was controlled by the Illusion Construct curse acted like a beast in a rut and laid his hands on the swordsman.

Even though the swordsman cried out in horror, his limbs were as heavy as lead. Even after he had exerted all of his efforts, he still could not push the priest away.

When he saw that the priest's claws were about to touch his most private and vulnerable place, the furious swordsman simply fainted from fright.

Shen Yanxiao gave the fainted swordsman a light kick before she relieved the priest of the Illusion Construct curse.

Since he had experienced torture from those two combination curses, the priest immediately fainted on the swordsman.

It was not until the afternoon that the four members of Shen Yanxiao's team finally woke up from their sleep and lazily sat up from the meadow.

However, the instant that they sat up, they saw two half-naked youths who shamelessly hugged and slept together.

Their expressions instantly became distorted.

"Little Jue... what's going on..." Tang Nazhi shivered as he pointed at the two guys who looked like they were hugging each other as they slept. He only took a quick nap, so why was there real-life pornography in front of him the moment he woke up?

"I don't know, I also just woke up..." Shen Yanxiao shrugged, and she had an 'I'm-innocent-and-I-had-nothing-to-do-with-this' expression on her face.

"Wow! Don't tell me that the students from our academy are all so unrestrained now? To think that they would dare to commit such illicit acts in broad daylight!" Tang Nazhi covered his face and could not bear to look directly at them.