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154 Wait For Your Deaths, Bastards 2

 "Here, one bottle each for the three of you." She looked at Tang Nazhi and then produced the three bottles of antidotes as proof.

Three bottles of light blue potion sat quietly on Shen Yanxiao's palms.

Besides Tang Nazhi, even the usually composed Yang Xi brightened when he saw the three bottles of antidote.

"You little lad..." Tang Nazhi took Shen Yanxiao into his arms and rubbed her head eagerly. "I was right to say that you're a genius in herbalism. I guarantee that this is the first antidote produced in the entire Obscure Forest. Shangguan Xiao, that little kid, would not have been able to produce it just yet."

Tang Nazhi felt great. He was happy with the accuracy of his foresight. Shen Jue definitely had the talent for herbalism since he could even produce such sophisticated antidote. Furthermore, he did that in only two days. He would most certainly become an influential figure in the Herbalism Division in the near future!

Shen Yanxiao almost could not breathe as Tang Nazhi held on to her tightly. She wondered about how an herbalist could be stronger than a swordsman.

There was no way that Shangguan Xiao could have produced the antidote, but that was because she had personally eliminated him and his whole team.

Of course, Tang Nazhi and the rest of her team members would never know that.

"Calm down." Shen Yanxiao slapped Tang Nazhi's head and shrugged him off before she passed the antidote to Qi Xia and Yang Xi.

They did not doubt the authenticity of Shen Yanxiao's antidote and immediately drank the potion.

In less than two minutes, both of them immediately sensed that they weakened state had disappeared and that their suppressed magic and battle aura once again flooded their whole body.

Qi Xia immediately ignited five flames in his hand, and the raging flames danced on his fingertips as they spread out to his surroundings.

He retracted his five fingers, and the flames immediately disappeared without a trace.

Shen Yanxiao's antidote flawlessly countered the previous potion that they had drunk before their test!

Yan Yu gradually regained consciousness after he had taken his medicine. When he was fully awake, Shen Yanxiao fed him the antidote. Yan Yu's complexion got better not long after that. When he recovered his magic, Yan Yu immediately conjured about eight blessing magic on himself. The blessing came with powerful healing magic, and that allowed Yan Yu to get up on his feet soon after that.

"Thank you." Yan Yu looked at Shen Yanxiao and thanked her sincerely.

Shen Yanxiao stroked her nose and said nothing. She realized that her team must have encountered huge problems with the other teams and that the three bottles of antidote were timely delivered.

After Yan Yu had recovered, he conjured another dozen or more blessing magic on Qi Xia, Yang Xi, and Tang Nazhi.

All of their minor wounds were healed in an instant. If one were to disregard their tattered clothing, one could say that all four of them had regained their former elegance.

"It's all thanks to you this time.' Qi Xia smiled and patted Shen Yanxiao's head. Then, he raised his head and looked at the steep slope that they tumbled down earlier that night. The smile in his starry eyes dissipated and replaced with a cold glint.

"It's time to settle debts with those people."

"That's right!" Yang Xi patted the dust off himself and retrieved his shield and sword from Tang Nazhi.

Yan Yu smiled faintly and cast a weight reduction blessing on everyone. Shen Yanxiao immediately felt the lightness in her body. That was the first time that she had received a priest's blessing, and she felt like she wanted to bounce around to test the effects. However, before she could do that, an arm held snaked around her waist and gently lifted her.

Qi Xia carried Shen Yanxiao with a faint smiled. Then, he dashed upward with a kick.