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146 Warlock 2

 All of a sudden, an ominous warning surfaced in his mind. He immediately walked toward Lin Ke. He reached out and held Lin Ke's jaw to tilt his head so that he could stare into his eyes.

Other than panic, there was only nervousness in Lin Ke's eyes. Na Ken immediately channeled his magic into Lin Ke.

The influx of magic quickly spread throughout Lin Ke body, and when it spread into his nerves, Na Ken could feel another kind of magic that collided with his.

That magic was fragile, just like remnants of fragments. However, those bits and pieces of fragments could be found throughout Lin Ke's nerves.

"Teacher Na Ken?" Lin Ke asked as he stood there anxiously. He could detect the seriousness of the situation from Na Ken's expression.

"Take these three antidotes to your other team members and immediately follow me out of the Obscure Forest!" Na Ken said decisively. The remnant magic in Lin Ke's body was different from a magus' power. It carried a powerful corrosive attribute, so it was clearly a warlock's magic!

The number of warlocks had declined over the years, and they were immensely rare in the Brilliance Continent. Not more than a few could be found in the entire Longxuan Empire. However, he also discovered fragments of magic left behind by curse in Lin Ke, so evidently, someone had used a curse on Lin Ke!

He also presumed that Lin Ke's weird behavior was due to the curse.

Could there be a warlock in the Obscure Forest?

The warlocks in the Brilliance Continent were nearly extinct due to the suppression from other factions. Those who survived had joined the dark organizations that opposed various influences in the Brilliance Continent. If a warlock had hidden in the Obscure Forest, then the students could be in danger!

The warlock could have been there to harm the students to take their revenge against the Longxuan Empire.

Lin Ke did not understand what had happened. He could only follow Na Ken's instructions blindly and went to the hot spring with the bottles of antidote and his team members' clothing.

Na Ken then successfully led a group of confused students out of the Obscure Forest.

The instance they were out of the forest, Na Ken immediately brought Lin Ke to the Saint Laurent Academy's encampment.

A few students sat within the encampment. They had been brought back by their respective teachers upon their elimination, and they sat there dejectedly.

Na Ken brought Lin Ke to the largest tent in the encampment, which was also where all the Saint Laurent Academy's teacher would gather.

The moment Na Ken entered the tent, he noticed that there were already a few teachers inside. All of them sat at the long table with somber expressions on their faces. It was as if something had happened.

"Na Ken, you're back." One of the older teachers greeted Na Ken. As his gaze fell on Lin Ke, he said, "Is this student injured? You can bring him to the medical tent over there."

Na Ken hastily said, "No! I didn't bring him here to treat his injuries. Instead, I found something weird inside his body, and so, I brought him here."

"Something weird?" Na Ken's words attracted all of the teacher's attention.

"When I went to get their team, I noticed that this student was acting rather oddly. So, I decided to look into him with my magic, and I noticed some remnants of fragmented corrosive magic around his nerves," Na Ken said.

"What!" Kang Si, who had returned earlier, stood up from his chair in astonishment.

"Na Ken, are you sure that you did not sense it wrongly?" The older teacher questioned again cautiously.