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139 All is Understood, and No Words are Necessary 3

 "It's impossible!" Cao Xu checked himself from head to toe in a great rush, but he could not even find a single badge even after he had rummaged through his pockets.

As they saw the cold sweat that dripped from Cao Xu's face, the other members' expression darkened. The three members who initially suspected that Cao Xu had deliberately tried to make things difficult for Li Xiang became even more anxious.

"Look for it thoroughly again, did you place it in your space ring or something?" Meng Yiheng nervously said as he walked up to him.

As he rummaged through his space ring, Cao Xu anxiously replied, "Impossible, I don't remember putting it inside."

Cao Xu poured everything in his space ring out onto the ground, but there was still no indication of his badge.

A dismal atmosphere spread throughout the cave, and that discovery dealt a fatal blow to the already disharmonious team.

"Cao Xu, what's the matter with you? Where are our badges! Hurry up and hand them over!" Li Xiang became even more anxious. He joined the team because he wanted to cooperate with stronger teammates and not for such an accident to happen.

"You had better shut the f*ck up!" His headache persisted, and he was troubled. Cao Xu no longer cared for Qian Shanni's presence and yelled angrily.

"And you still dare to scold me?!" Li Xiang was aggravated with the situation. He grabbed his staff to fight with Cao Xu.

Meng Yiheng realized the seriousness of the situation and immediately moved to stop the impulsive Li Xiang.

"Now is not the time to fight. Let's try to figure out what happened last night! Cao Xu has no reason to deceive us as he would also get eliminated if he loses his badge. So, there's no need for him to do something that would harm others and himself at the same time." Meng Yiheng managed to stay calm.

"Yesterday night... I remember the few of us were sleeping, and all of us woke up when we heard Li Xiang's shout. After that, Cao Xu said that he would keep watch for the night and wanted us to give him our badges." Qian Shanni furrowed her eyebrows and replied hesitatingly.

"I never said that I would keep watch!" Cao Xu furiously raged.

"You are still pretending! Obviously, you wanted to take my badge by taking advantage of the situation last night. If I hadn't woken up and discovered your actions, no one would probably discover that you were the culprit!" Li Xiang roared.

"I've said this for the f*cking hundredth time. I didn't do it!" Cao Xu practically wanted to go crazy on all of them. Were they sick in the head? Why did they insist that he took their badges?

"Enough! Both of you stop it!" Shangguan Xiao looked at his teammates as his head ached. He felt silly for accepting Cao Xu's invitation. He looked at Cao Xu with a stern look and said, "It does not matter whether you admit it or not. Four of us were there when you asked for our badges. Regardless of whether you misplaced them or if someone else took them while you were asleep, that is not what's important right now!"

"Shangguan is right." Meng Yiheng had a solemn expression on his face. "Right now, we have lost all of our badges. According to the teacher, our badges cannot even leave our side. And now, even Cao Xu had lost his badge. This meant that our team is disqualified from the test."

"Then... what should we do?" Li Xiang started to panic.

"I don't know. The teacher only mentioned that if all our five badges were no longer with us, then the whole team will be disqualified." Meng Yiheng said with a frown as he felt restless.

The situation with Cao Xu was strange indeed. However, he had no reason to lie as he would not have gained any benefit from it.